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Stavros Center Takes Students To Economics Seminar

The Stavros Center for Economic Education, a unit of the college, lived up to its name by taking nine FSU students and two others from Lindenwood University in Missouri to a colloquium in Vermont to study the writings of influential economist Milton Friedman.

The event was held May 12-17 at Capitaf, the former vacation home of Friedman (1912-2006), a 1976 Nobel Prize winner for his contributions to monetary policy and his theories of consumption. Friedman was a critical figure in establishing the University of Chicago as a global center for economic thought.

Stavros Center director Joe Calhoun and Sam Staley, director of the college’s DeVoe Moore Center, co-led the seminar, which included group sessions on Friedman’s best-selling works in political economy, “Capitalism and Freedom” (1962) and “Free to Choose” (1980).

The organizers were joined by Bob Chitester, executive chairman of the Free to Choose Network and producer of the 1980 PBS broadcast “Free to Choose.” The ten-part series by Friedman and his economist wife, Rose D. Friedman, presented their advocacy of free market economic policies and their criticism of government regulation. The network now owns and operates Capitaf;m Chitester hosted the seminar and spoke to the students to give greater context to Friedman’s work.

Sponsorship of the event, including student accommodations, meals and some travel expenses, was provided by the college, the Stavros Center and the Charles Koch Foundation.

The Stavros Center promotes economics education in public schools through workshops and seminars, product development, and teacher training. The center, part of the Department of Economics, also focuses on research to enhance the understanding of institutions and policies supporting the free enterprise system.