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PoliSci Major Elected Democratic Convention Delegate

Political science major Danny Pooler has been elected as one of six delegates representing Leon County at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July. Danny, elected as a delegate for Bernie Sanders, has been a tireless campaigner for the senator from Vermont and an active member of Noles Want Bernie and Big Bend for Bernie.

The Democratic National Convention, which takes place July 25-28, 2016, offers the opportunity for delegates from all over the country to vote on a myriad of things, including their nominee, the vice president, rules and regulations, and the platform of the party. Pooler is excited to be one of the youngest delegates in attendance.

“I think [voters] were really happy to see someone young and someone who cares so much,” says Pooler. “I was honestly so flattered that so many came out and voted for me from the Big Bend For Bernie organization, and many who I haven’t really had the chance to even meet firsthand.”

Pooler is interested in possibly pursuing a career in campaigning. He hopes to continue to work in the realm of politics without becoming a politician. Pooler says Bernie Sanders is the type of politician he could make a career working for, believing Sanders will truly make a positive change in the Democratic Party and also in the United States.

“It isn’t often, especially in this country, that you find a politician who truly does care about your individual needs and what you stand for as an average American. And also that that politician is honest,” remarks Pooler.

Like many Bernie supporters, Pooler believes that the interests of the individual citizen are better represented when larger special interests are not in control of the politics. It is Sanders’ emphasis on single payer health care and ending for-profit prisons that make Pooler believe that the candidate has the power and influence to change the Democratic Party platform to one that is more progressive.

“As a Florida delegate, I will be voting for the state of Florida among other Florida delegates on issues. After that, there are events put on by the party and by interest groups that include guest speakers and provide time networking and mingling,” says Pooler. “I’m excited to talk to other Bernie delegates from across the country, and also Hillary delegates because there are a lot of older people going on Hillary’s side. I’d love to speak with them and discuss why they’ve been in the Democratic Party for so long.”

(Thanks to Lily Henkel, FSView)