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Planning Project Wins FPZA Innovation Award

The Florida Planning and Zoning Association (FPZA) has selected “Envisioning Florida’s Future: Transportation and Land Use in an AV World” as its 2016 Innovation Award recipient.

Produced for the Florida Department of Transportation by an outstanding team of faculty and students from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning (DURP), this project utilized an innovative visioning process to anticipate the impact of automated vehicle (AV) technology on Florida’s communities.

The project report provides state and local agencies with preliminary guidance for making policy decisions and infrastructure investments necessary to leverage AV technology to create a safer, more efficient transportation system and an urban environment built upon principles of sustainability and human-centered design.

The project’s Principal Investigators were DURP Planner-in-Residence Lindsay Stevens, director of the department’s Florida Planning and Development Lab studio, and Planning Professor Tim Chapin, interim dean of the college. The project team included Senior Planner Jeremy Crute, Adjunct Professor Anne Rokyta, DURP masters students Jordan Crandall (MSP ’16) and Alex Washington (MSP ’17), and an FPDL student studio team. The award was presented at the annual FPZA Conference in June 2016.