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International Affairs Scores Teaching-Advising Awards

Advising award winner Renee Dyehouse; teaching award winner Tanu Kohli Bagwe.

An adviser and a teaching faculty member within the International Affairs program are being honored by Florida State University for their work.

Andrea Renee Dyehouse was selected for a 2019-20 University Undergraduate Advising Award by a committee of faculty and students in recognition of her “outstanding undergraduate advising involving a number of areas, including knowledge about curriculum; areas of concentration and career options; sensitivity to pressures and demands on students; good communication skills; and a non-judgmental approach for advisees’ concerns,” according to a letter from FSU President John Thrasher.

Tanu Kohli Bagwe is being recognized with a 2019-20 University Undergraduate Teaching Award for her multifaceted teaching excellence, “involving areas such as providing a positive role model to students, imparting a respect for truth and a love of learning, challenging students’ thinking and assumptions, showing respect for all persons, and innovative instructional techniques.”

Bagwe also works with the FSU Center for Global Engagement as teaching faculty for the Global Citizenship Certificate.

The award letter also encourages teaching award winners to share their strategies for effective teaching with colleagues. As a way of promoting best practices, Provost Sallie McRorie suggests participating in the online Teaching Excellence Series as a presenter, recording a streaming video presentation on a few best teaching ideas, writing a brief article describing the award-winning teaching strategies for publication on the FSU web site, serving on the Office of Distance Learning Innovative Instruction Awards Selection Committee and reviewing and selecting proposals for the distribution of awards for development of innovative technology-enhanced instruction.

Each award carries an honorarium of $2,000. Because of remote working and social isolation in effect at this time, the awards will be presented at an online presentation later this month, with the actual trophies being delivered at a time yet to be determined.