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Graduates Awarded Honors Medallions

Photo by Andre Myers, FSU Undergraduate Studies

by Amy Farnum-Patronis, University Communications, and COSSPP communications staff

Fifty-six students with at least one major in the college were among the 383 high-achieving graduates — the university’s largest class to date — awarded honors medallions during a virtual ceremony on April 30.

The FSU Honors Program supports the efforts and talents of the university’s most intellectually curious students who have the potential, dedication and drive for creating change.

The virtual ceremony included remarks from President John Thrasher, Provost Sally McRorie, the late Dean of Undergraduate Studies Karen Laughlin, Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of English David Kirby and Annette Schwabe, director of the FSU Honors Program.

“By earning an honors medallion, you have already demonstrated a desire to challenge yourself and a motivation to succeed,” Thrasher told honorees. “These values will serve you well — both in the workplace and in life.”

The honors medallion recipients from the college, along with their academic majors and award designations, are listed alphabetically below. Designations are: HON – University Honors (earned at least 18 Honors points in fulfillment of the general honors program requirements), HITM – Honors in the Major (completed an honors thesis in fulfillment of the requirement for the distinction “with Honors” in their major department), DUAL – dual honors (completed both the University Honors Program and the Honors in the Major program), OSS – dual honors and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 3.9 GPA or higher.

Alexander Adams, Political Science, OSS
Jessica Bissey, Economics, HON
Chase Boyer, Asian Studies, HITM
Holden Bradley, International Affairs, OSS
Siobhan Brennan, Political Science, HON
Garrett Brown, International Affairs, HON
Shayna Cohen, Economics, HON
Emily Colpack, Environment & Society, HON
Elizabeth Dash, Political Science, HON
Colin Denny, International Affairs, HON
Charly DeVito-Hurley, Economics, HON
Elizabeth DiLauro, Environment & Society, HON
Maggie Dowd, Economics, HON
Allison Earley, Economics, HON
Brendan Gerdts, Political Science, OSS
Paris Gilstrap, International Affairs, DUAL
Nacia Goldberg, Interdisciplinary Social Science, HON
Meghan Griffin, Economics, HON
Madeline Harding, Economics, HON
Benjamin Hoyle, Economics, HON
Leah Huff, International Affairs, HON
Jessica King, Interdisciplinary Social Science, HON
Mirdens Lambert, Environment & Society, HON
Paige Levanti, International Affairs, HON
Julianne Kelly, Political Science, HITM
Caroline Knowles, International Affairs, DUAL
David Krijgsman, Environment & Society, HON
Stephanie Lee, International Affairs, HON
Jalicia Lewis, Political Science, OSS
Christine Lopez, International Affairs, HITM
Benjamin Martin, International Affairs, HON
Jacob Mason, International Affairs, HITM
Sabrina Mato, International Affairs, HITM
Mallory McGovern, International Affairs, OSS
Sebastian Mejia, International Affairs, HITM
Grace Michaels, International Affairs, DUAL
Selina Nevin, International Affairs, HITM
Jacqueline Pantin, Economics, HON
Connor Perez, Interdisciplinary Social Science, HON
Simon Prado, Political Science, OSS
Kaitlin Price, Political Science, HON
Charlotte Puopolo, International Affairs, HON
Felicia Reich, International Affairs, HON
Taylor Rich, Political Science, DUAL
Alisson Sealy, International Affairs, HON
Gregory Short, Political Science, HON
Hannah Simpkins, Political Science, HON
Leah Singleton, International Affairs, OSS
Caleb Stephens, Economics, OSS
Shane Whitney, Economics, HITM
Scott Williams, Economics, HITM
Natalie Wilson, International Affairs, HON
Samuel Wirth, Sociology, HON
Andrew Woodle, International Affairs, HON
William Wynne, Political Science, HON
Ricardo Zamarripa Chavez, Interdisciplinary Social Science, HITM