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Garnet & Gold Society inducts new scholars

Florida State University welcomed 39 new inductees into its prestigious Garnet & Gold Scholar Society this fall. Of those inducted, 15 students had at least one major in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy (COSSPP).

Established in 2010, the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society facilitates student involvement and recognizes undergraduate students who excel within and beyond the classroom in at least three of five areas: international experience, internship, leadership, research and service.

“We are proud to welcome this new group of inductees to the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society,” said Amy Hecht, vice president for Student Affairs. “They are a wonderful representation of the university, and we are pleased to give them recognition for their involvement bettering the campus and community.”

To become an inductee of the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society, students must meet the engagement criteria and submit a synthesis reflection project in their final semester before graduation. Participants are recognized during graduation and receive a designation on their official university transcript, both of which make the students more marketable to potential employers or graduate programs.

Students with majors in the college represent about 15 percent of the FSU student body but frequently make up higher percentages of those who receive internal honors such as this (in this case, about 39 percent) and national honors like Boren Scholarships and Fulbright awards. 

“The high representation of the college in annual awards and honors speaks well of the commitment our students have not only for their education but for service and leadership on campus and in the wider community,” said COSSPP Dean Tim Chapin. “The achievement of these outstanding students reflects well on the values of the college and the university.”

Students were inducted into the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society during a special virtual ceremony Tuesday, Dec. 8. The inductees with majors in the college are:

Stacey Alphonse: Political Science, Criminology

Madison Amaral: Criminology, International Affairs

Logan Anderson:  Public Health

Valeria Baduell: Economics

Alida Desic: Interdisciplinary Social Science

Michelle Dobin: Political Science, International Affairs

Amelia England: International Affairs, Political Science

Amelia Jacobs: International Affairs

Logan MacMillan: Political Science, English, History, International Affairs

Helen McSorley: Economics, International Affairs

LaShea Reddick: Political Science, Sociology

Olivia Stephenson: Criminology, International Affairs, Russian

Lionzy Tanis: Interdisciplinary Social Science

Melissa Tillery: Social Work, Political Science

Alexandria Tolbert: Political Science