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FSU honors COSSPP faculty with teaching awards, nominations

From top, left to right: Roach, Pau, Modi, Campos, Fang
Sandal, Bravo, Munson, Dmitriev, Krishna
Felkner, Calhoun, Gwartney, Homan, Holmes
Carr, Semykina, Rowan, Ahler

Members of the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy faculty have won university-wide awards for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Assistant Professor of Political Science Douglas Ahler (bottom row right in above photo) received the Honors in the Major Thesis Mentor Award from the FSU Honors Program for his exceptional work in directing and advising undergraduate research.

Radha Modi (top row center), Teaching Faculty I in the Interdisciplinary Social Science program, won an Undergraduate Inclusive Teaching and Mentoring Award.

Lisa Munson (2nd row center), Teaching Faculty III in the Department of Sociology, won an Undergraduate Innovation in Teaching Award.

The university’s awards programs recognize faculty and staff for excellence in specific areas. Nominations are submitted by students and alumni; self nominations are also accepted. Nominees are then invited early in spring semester to submit support materials for consideration for awards. Winners were announced April 6.

In all, 18 members of the college faculty were nominated for University Teaching Awards this year, and five advising staff members were nominated for advising awards.

The nominees from the college this year (with their respective nomination areas) are:
Douglas Ahler (Political Science) – Outstanding Teaching in the Major (Undergrad)
Joe Calhoun (Economics) – Foundational Course Excellence (Undergrad)
Portia Campos (Askew School) – Inclusive Teaching and Mentoring (Graduate)
Dawn Carr (Sociology) – Outstanding Graduate Teaching
Mikhail Dmitriev (Economics) – Inclusive Teaching and Mentoring (Undergrad)
Kerry Fang (Urban and Regional Planning) – Inclusive Teaching and Mentoring (Graduate)
John Felkner (Urban and Regional Planning) – Outstanding Graduate Teaching, Outstanding Teaching in the Major (Undergrad), Outstanding Undergraduate Advising [only one may be applied for and won]
James Gwartney (Economics) – Outstanding Teaching in the Major (Undergrad)
Tisha Holmes (Urban and Regional Planning) – Community Engaged Teaching (Graduate)
Patricia Homan (Sociology) – Outstanding Teaching in the Major (Undergrad)
Vijay Krishna (Economics) – Outstanding Graduate Teaching
Radha Modi (Interdisciplinary Social Sciences) – Inclusive Teaching and Mentoring (Graduate), Inclusive Teaching and Mentoring (Undergrad), Outstanding Teaching in the Major (Undergrad) [only one may be applied for and won]
Lisa Munson (Sociology) – Community Engaged Teaching (Graduate), Community Engaged Teaching (Undergrad), Innovation in Teaching (Graduate), Innovation in Teaching (Undergrad) [only one may be applied for and won]
Stephanie Pau (Geography) – Outstanding Graduate Teaching
Teresa Roach (Sociology) – Outstanding Teaching in the Major (Undergrad)
Alan Rowan (Public Health) – Inclusive Teaching and Mentoring (Graduate)
Paromita Sanyal (Sociology) – Outstanding Teaching in the Major (Undergrad)
Anastasia Semykina (Economics) – Outstanding Graduate Teaching

Michelle Bravo 
Stephanie Hong
Abigail Jonckheer
Mayowa Ogunjobi
Jennifer Waddell