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FSU awards honors medallions to university’s high achievers

by Amy Farnum Patronis, University Communications, and COSSPP communications staff

Florida State University awarded honors medallions to 330 high-achieving graduates during a virtual ceremony on Thursday, April 22.

Among the honorees were 59 students with at least one major in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy.

The FSU Honors Program supports the efforts and talents of the university’s most intellectually curious students who have the potential, dedication and drive for creating change.

The virtual ceremony included remarks by President John Thrasher; Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Assistant Provost, Joe O’Shea; and Annette Schwabe, associate dean of Undergraduate Studies and director of the FSU Honors Program.

“Thank you for all have done to enrich the academic life of Florida State University,” Thrasher said. “You’ve been a part of a vibrant and engaged community of young scholars who excel both in and out of the classroom.”

The breakdown of the honors recognition is as follows:

University Honors Program (UH)
Earned at least 18 Honors points in fulfillment of the FSU honors program requirements.

Honors in the Major Program (HM)
Completed an honors thesis in fulfillment of the requirement for the distinction “with Honors” in their major department.

Dual Honors (DH)
Completed both the University Honors Program and the Honors in the Major program.

Outstanding Senior Scholar (OSS)
Completed the University Honors Program and the Honors in the Major program and graduated Summa Cum Laude, having a GPA of 3.9 or higher.

For more information about the FSU Honors Program, visit honors.fsu.edu. To view the ceremony or program, visit this link.

The honors medallion recipients from the college, along with their academic majors and award designations, are:

Corey Adamyk, Political Science & History (UH)
Leeandre Alexandre, International Affairs (OSS)
Nina Allowe, Political Science & International Affairs (UH)
Armani Arellano, Political Science & International Affairs (UH)
Leila Basili, Political Science (HM)
Trent Berry, Interdisciplinary Social Science (UH)
Jacob Bloch, Economics & History (HM)
Allison Bloomer, Political Science (HM)
Simone Burgin, International Affairs & French and Spanish (OSS)
Victoria Butcher, Psychology & Political Science (HM)
Chandler Campbell, Political Science & International Affairs (HM)
Thomas Capobianco, Criminology & International Affairs (UH)
Hamilton Cheatham, Political Science (UH)
Jacob Cyrus, International Affairs & Russian (OSS)
Beatrice Dain, International Affairs & Anthropology (HM)
Wendy Diaz, Political Science & Psychology (OSS)
Suzan Elzawahry, International Affairs (UH)
Cameron Kelley, Economics & Finance (UH)
Giovanna Garcia, International Affairs & Political Science (OSS)
Katherine Gipalo, Economics & Political Science (UH)
Alexis Gordon, Economics & Psychology (UH)
Helen Greider, Dance & Economics (UH)
Elena Gurau, Political Science (UH)
Nick Hearing, International Affairs & Economics (OSS)
Lauren Hodne, Actuarial Science & Economics (UH)
Riley Hall-Rodriguez, Economics (UH)
Alec Jimenez, Sociology & Political Science (HM)
Jacob Kile, International Affairs & French (UH)
Noah Leonard, Economics (UH)
Anna Lewis, International Affairs (DH)
Elsa Lovejoy, Russian Language & International Affairs (UH)
Meagan Martinez, English (Creative Writing) & Political Science (UH)
Isabella Massardi, English (Creative Writing) & Political Science (HM)
Isabella Matarrita, International Affairs & Public Relations (UH)
Molly McQueeney, Economics & Social Work (OSS)
Jimmy Mendez, Economics (HM)
Ana Monticelli, Political Science (UH)
Abigail Morgan, Economics (UH)
Raymond Myers, Sociology (HM)
Amelia Nelson, International Affairs (UH)
Chaston Pfingston, Political Science (OSS)
Connor Pierson, International Affairs (UH)
Gabriella Porter, International Affairs (UH)
Melissa Pregasen, Economics & History (HM)
Alexandria Rebimbas, Environment and Society (UH)
Steven Richards, Political Science & International Affairs (HM)
Emily Riumbau, Finance & Economics (UH)
Jordan Rundle, Actuarial Science, Statistics & Economics (UH)
Juliet Schreiber, International Affairs & Violin Performance (UH)
Jessica Short, Psychology & Sociology (OSS)
Rachel Stein, Environment and Society & Geography (UH)
Anthony Suarez, International Affairs & Psychology (UH)
Mila Talev, International Affairs (UH)
Pedro Angel Trigueros, Political Science & International Affairs (OSS)
Patrick Tydir, Economics (OSS)
Maya Vazquez, Political Science (UH)
Mikiela Vazquez, Political Science & International Affairs (UH)
Cassidy Willever, International Affairs (UH)
Kayla Wood, Political Science & Interdisciplinary Social Sciences (UH)