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Faculty Wraps Semester With Awards, Noted Research

Assistant Professor of Sociology Mathew Hauer is the lead author on a paper published in the journal Nature Reviews Earth & Environment that reviews the current literature on sea-level rise and human migration. Anthropogenic sea-level rise (SLR) is predicted to impact, and, in many cases, displace, a large proportion of the population via inundation and heightened SLR-related hazards. With the global coastal population projected to surpass one billion people this century, SLR might be among the most costly and permanent future consequences of climate change. In this review, the authors synthesize the rapidly expanding knowledge of human mobility and migration responses to SLR, providing a coherent roadmap for future SLR research and associated policy. Hauer, a frequently cited expert on sea-level rise and human migration, is also an author on a paper published in the journal Nature and Climate Change in November 2019 suggesting a new modeling approach that can help researchers, policymakers and the public better understand how policy decisions will influence human migration as sea levels rise around the globe. He gave a well-attended presentation on the issue at the college’s Policy Pub on October 15. Read about it and access both the Power Point and audio from the Pub event here.

Professor of Urban and Regional Planning Petra Doan was awarded the 2020 William R. And June Dale Prize for Excellence in Urban and Regional Planning for her examplary research and performance as well as her commitment and dedication to the LGBTQ community. The Dale Prize recognizes planning excellence, creates dialogue between scholars and practitioners, and enriches the education of planning students. The prize’s theme for 2020 is #WeAre!: Advancing Gender and Sexuality in Planning Practice.

Professor of Sociology Doug Schrock won the 2019 David R. Maines Narrative Research Award for his work, “Narrative Manhood Acts: Batterer Intervention Program Graduates’ Tragic Relationships.” In this article, the authors analyze how 20 graduates of a batterer intervention program constructed autobiographical stories about their relationships with women they assaulted.

Recent research by FSU faculty and graduate students published in the International Journal of Educational Development is one of the first papers to examine the post-secondary gender gap in STEM fields in a developing country. Associate Professor of Higher Education and Sociology Lara Perez-Felkner is the lead author of the paper, “The puzzling relationship between international development and gender equity: The case of STEM postsecondary education in Cambodia.” The research was also conducted by Assistant Teaching Professor John Felkner (Urban and Regional Planning), Samantha Nix (Division of Undergraduate Studies), and Melissa Magalhães, who holds a dual B.S. degree from FSU in International Affairs and Political Science and an M.A. in International Relations from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland. Magalhães began assisting with the research as an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program student.