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Faculty, Grad Students Nominated For Teaching Awards

Sixteen members of the college faculty have been nominated for University Teaching Awards for the 2018-2019 academic year, and six graduate students have been nominated for Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards.

The University Teaching Awards program recognizes faculty for excellence in undergraduate and graduate teaching. Recipients are honored for their outstanding abilities and success in teaching and learning. This is a student-oriented award with nominations submitted by students and alumni. Winners are announced later in the spring semester.

The faculty nominees from the college this year are (from top row, left to right):
Miranda Waggoner (Sociology)
Lisa Turner De Vera (Urban and Regional Planning/Interdisciplinary Social Sciences)
Mark Horner (Geography)
Anastasia Semykina (Economics)
Paromita Sanyal (Sociology)
Christopher Coutts (Urban and Regional Planning)
Joe Calhoun (Economics)
Stefan Norrbin (Economics)
Kathryn Tillman (Sociology)
Petra Doan (Urban and Regional Planning)
Amy Burdette (Sociology)
Audrey Heffron-Casserleigh (Emergency Management)
April Jackson (Urban and Regional Planning)
Woody Carlson (Sociology/Demography)
Bruce Manciagli (Social Entrepreneurship)
Alan Rowan (Public Health)

The following graduate students are nominees for Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards, which are presented by the Graduate School, the Office of Research, and the Program for Instructional Excellence at the Celebration of Graduate Student Excellence on April 18, 2019 (from top row, left to right):
Economics: Ezra Goldstein, Joseph Sinotte
Geography: Feilin Lai
Political Science: Randy Propper
Sociology: Brittany King, Ladanya Ramirez Surmeier