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Economics Department Ranked High Among Applied Programs

The Department of Economics within the college is fast rising in the rankings of the best graduate schools in the country.

In an October 2016 survey of 157 top economics schools, TFE Times (formerly The Financial Engineer) ranked FSU’s program #29 overall in the nation, up from #33 last year. The numbers are even more impressive when broken down further.

The program is #18 among all U.S. public universities, and of the 26 departments identified specifically as graduate programs in Applied Economics, FSU is #5, coming in close behind such respected universities as Johns Hopkins and Georgetown.

TFE determines its rankings based on GRE/GMAT scores, starting salaries for graduates, undergraduate GPA, acceptance rate, number of full-time graduates employed upon graduation, and number employed three months after graduation.

The Master in Applied Economics at FSU is a hands-on program intended for students seeking a terminal degree with which to enter the work force and not intending to pursue a Ph.D. Students learn statistical tools and how to communicate economic concepts through hands-on experience using SAS, STATA, REMI, and other statistical software. The program typically concludes with a capstone project analyzing real-world policy issues useful in both the public and private sectors. Students benefit greatly from this applied approach and a low student-to-faculty ratio. They gain valuable leadership training in a professional development course using experiential techniques to impart skills in interviewing and resume writing, communication and presentations, teamwork, and the ethical decisions faced by professional economists.

The program receives major funding from the Kaul Foundation of Tampa, Florida, which helps support student research projects and capstone courses, as well as the Ralph Kaul Lecture Series within the department. The foundation was established in 1988 by Ralph Kaul (1914-2002), one of the first fellows at the Littauer School of Public Administration (now the Kennedy School of Government) at Harvard University, where he earned a master’s degree in economics.

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Students in the Master in Applied Economics program present
their capstone reports on real-world economics issues at a
symposium each summer for industry and government
leaders, faculty, alumni, and fellow students.