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Sam Staley, who publishes fiction under the name SR Staley, has released a new novel, “Tortuga Bay,” a sequel to his 2006 novel “The Pirate of Panther Bay.” The book will be introduced to Tallahassee audiences at a special launch party that coincides with the international Talk Like a Pirate Day, Saturday, September 19, 2015 beginning 1:00 p.m. at Barnacle Bill’s restaurant, 1830 North Monroe St., Tallahassee..

The companion books follow the adventures of Isabella, an escaped slave from Hispaniola’s sugar plantations, as she rallies her motley band of pirates against pursuing Spanish pirate hunters. In “Tortuga Bay,” the pirates are chased to Haiti, where they are faced with the choice of running the blockade or joining a budding revolution that could spark a slave uprising.

The book has been praised as a fresh spin on pirate tales with a strong female central character who fights against oppression and injustice. Reviewers have also noted that although written primarily for young adults, Staley’s novels have appeal for older readers as well.

Staley is the director of FSU’s DeVoe Moore Center for the Study of Critical Issues in Economic Policy and Government, a unit of the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy. In addition to his work with the center and his fiction writing, Staley is a frequent blogger and expert sought by the media on a range of topics, most notably transportation and economic issues.