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Dean Celebrates Teaching Award Nominees

A message from Interim Dean Tim Chapin:

“I wanted to take a moment to publicly celebrate the latest set of Teaching and Advising Award Nominees from the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy. Every one of the six departments has a nominee, as do several of the other degree programs, and included in this list are both tenure track and specialized teaching faculty. These nominations help to illustrate the quality of the instruction to be found in our undergraduate and graduate programs. Congratulations to each to the nominees! If we have missed anyone, please be sure to let us know. I know that many other faculty and staff have received these nominations in the past, and this not intended to diminish those prior nominations (and awards). I appreciate all that each of you do to teach, advise, and mentor our students, and believe that we have the very best set of instructors in the university in our college.”

Excellence in Teaching Award The University Teaching Awards program recognizes faculty for excellence in undergraduate and graduate teaching. Recipients must be outstanding in the many aspects of teaching which contribute to successful teaching and learning. This is a student-oriented award with nominations submitted by students and alumni. Each recipient receives a $2000 award.
Anastasia Semykina Economics
Joab Corey Economics
Joseph Calhoun Economics
Katie Sherron Economics
Lora Holcombe Economics
Luke Boosey Economics
Michael Hammock Economics
Onsurang Norrbin Economics
Shawn Kantor Economics
Stefan Norrbin Economics
Mark Horner Geography
Stephanie Pau Geography
Alan Rowan Health Policy Research
Lee Metcalf International Affairs
Whitney Bendeck International Affairs
Holger Kern Political Science
David Berlan Public Administration & Policy
Frances Berry Public Administration & Policy
Keon-Hyung Lee Public Administration & Policy
Lance deHaven-Smith Public Administration & Policy
Amy Burdette Sociology
Daniel Tope Sociology
Dawn Carr Sociology
Elwood Carlson Sociology
Irene Padavic Sociology
John Reynolds Sociology
John Taylor Sociology
Miranda Waggoner Sociology
April Jackson Urban & Regional Planning
Jeffrey R. Brown Urban & Regional Planning
William Butler Urban & Regional Planning

Undergraduate Advising Award Recipients of University Undergraduate Advising Awards have been nominated by students who have been beneficiaries of their services. These individuals dedicate their time to insuring that students receive the best possible advice related to their courses and their career choices. The recipient receives a $2000 award.
Kimberly McClellan Sociology

In the fall semester, two of our faculty were awarded the Transformation Through Teaching Award. Rob McDaniel (Emergency Management) and Whitney Bendeck (International Affairs) were nominated by students Shannon Riess and Nikolai Hernandez. The Transformation Through Teaching program is an initiative established by FSU’s Spiritual Life Project to recognize faculty members whose contributions in the lives of their students go beyond conventional academic instruction.