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CRC Grant Covers Study of Deforestation

The Florida State University Council on Research and Creativity has awarded Department of Geography Assistant Professor Stephanie Pau $13,000 to do fieldwork and satellite imagery analysis of deforestation in Sumatra, Indonesia, during summer 2016.

The project seeks to: 1) use super high-resolution satellite data (0.5m) and ground measurements to quantify forest cover associated coffee cultivation in Sumatra and 2) link satellite measures of forest cover to field surveys of biodiversity and carbon storage.

This region in Indonesia is the last place on earth where the Sumatran rhinoceros can be found and is home to a globally important population of Asian elephants, many of them living in poor conditions.

The project will make novel linkages between widely used satellite measures of forest cover to field data collection of cash crop intensification and the environmental outcomes of land-use. Rare empirical data from tropical agro-ecosystems will have wide applications for future studies addressing numerous topics such as the carbon cycle, climate change, land-use land cover change, ecosystem functioning, and biodiversity conservation.