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College of Social Sciences & Public Policy

College of Social Sciences & Public Policy

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College Faculty Nominated For University Awards

Twenty faculty members from eight of the college’s departments and programs have been nominated for university teaching and advising awards.

Nominations are made either by undergraduates, graduate students or through student evaluation scores.

The awards will be announced in April 2020.

Paul Beaumont (Economics)|
Mikhail Dmitriev (Economics)
Michael Hammock (Economics)
Anastasia Semykina (Economics)
Mark Horner (Geography)
Douglas Ahler (Political Science)
Bradley Kile (Political Science)
Tian Tang (Askew School)
Amy Burdette (Sociology)
Teresa Roach (Sociology)
Jeffrey R. Brown (Urban and Regional Planning)
Christopher Coutts (Urban and Regional Planning)
John Felkner (Urban and Regional Planning)
Alan Rowan (Public Health)
Tanu Kohli Bagwe (International Affairs)
Lee Metcalf (International Affairs)

Joseph Calhoun (Economics)
Eric Coleman (Political Science)
John Reynolds (Sociology)

Eric Coleman (Political Science)
John Felkner (Urban and Regional Planning)
Renee Dyehouse (International Affairs)