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Color, Culture Or Cousin: Researcher Explores Interracial Dating

November 15, 2019

By Kara Irby, FSU Communications

The U.S. Census predicts America will become a majority-minority country between 2040 and 2050, with great growth projected for multiracial populations.

A new study from Assistant Professor of Sociology Shantel G. Buggs examined how this growing population of multiracial women view interracial relationships and what that illustrates about American’s broader views about race.

Alums Honored at Homecoming Gala

November 1, 2019

by Lucille Spann, FSU Alumni Association, and COSSPP communications staff

While the college honored its 2019 Distinguished Alumni at the University Center Champions Club on Homecoming Weekend, October 25, the Florida State University Alumni Association recognized three other College of Social Sciences and Public Policy (COSSPP) alumni and other FSU graduates at the Alumni Awards Gala at the Alumni Center Courtyard and Ballroom.

College Showcases Global Reach for International Education Month

October 31, 2019

As an educational environment with a broad global reach for many years, the FSU College of Social Sciences and Public Policy will be an integral part of the university’s celebration of international education throughout the month of November.

COSSPP Researchers Examine Global Trends in Seafood Farming

October 15, 2019

by Kara Irby, University Communications

When Florida families settle down to enjoy a seafood dinner they may not realize the main dish wasn’t freshly caught in the nearby Gulf of Mexico, but rather farmed off the coast of Panama.

The process of farming seafood in the ocean, known as mariculture, is a growing trend yet little is known about the trajectories of its development. That’s why a team of Florida State University researchers set out to shed some light on the industry.

Geographers: Multifactor models reveal worse picture of climate change impact on marine life

September 30, 2019

by Kara Irby, University Communications

Rising ocean temperatures have long been linked to negative impacts for marine life, but a Florida State University team has found that the long-term outlook for many marine species is much more complex — and possibly bleaker — than scientists previously believed.

Research Looks at Gun Ownership and Fear

September 25, 2019

by Kara Irby, FSU Communications

Benjamin Dowd-Arrow (FSU Photo: Bruce Palmer)

Are gun owners more or less afraid than people who do not own guns? A new study from researchers at Florida State University and the University of Arizona hopes to add some empirical data to the conversation after finding that gun owners tend to report less fear than non-gun owners.

Sociology Professors Take Part in Large-Scale Study on Marriage and Aging

September 18, 2019

Professors of Sociology Miles Taylor and Koji Ueno will be part of a $2 million data collection project funded by the National Institute on Aging.

Led by Claire Kamp Dush at Ohio State University, the Work and Family Life Study (WAFLS) is an extension of data collections done in 1980 and 2000 to explore trends in marital and family functioning and their impact on health and well-being.

College Names 2019 Distinguished Alumni

September 16, 2019

Three prominent graduates of the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy are the 2019 recipients of the annual distinguished alumni awards.

William Desvousges, Ph.D., Joyce Godwin and Major General Patrick D. Sargent, FACHE, will be honored at a special dinner and ceremony October 25, during the university’s Homecoming weekend.

FSU Explores Collaboration with Botswanan Universities

September 16, 2019

by Amy Farnum-Patronis, University Communications

When Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi visited Florida State University last September, he expressed his hopes of reinvigorating relations between his alma mater and the African country.