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Students, Staff Honored in Annual Awards

April 12, 2018

Spring has come to FSU and that means...awards season!

Various units and administrative branches of the university gave out their annual awards over the last month, and the following students and staff of the college were well represented among those honored for their achievements.

African American Studies Celebrates Anniversary

April 20, 2018

Patrick Mason, the African American Studies program director and professor of economics,
at the anniversary panel discussion. (FSU Photo Bruce Palmer)

by Kara Irby, FSU Communications, and Rob Nixon, COSSPP Director of Communications

“American history that doesn’t incorporate the black experience is a false history.”

Hilton Center to Host International Economics Conference

April 11, 2018

Shawn Kantor and Carl Kitchens of the Hilton Center

A major annual economics conference that has been held for more than 50 years is being hosted for the first time at Florida State University thanks to the efforts of an institute founded at the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy in 2015.

Grad Student Excellence Recognized

April 5, 2018

Congratulations to the following graduate students within the college who have received external funding and fellowship awards for this academic year. They will be recognized for their achievements at the annual Celebration of Graduate Student Excellence, April 10, hosted by the FSU Graduate School, Program for Instructional Excellence (PIE), Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards, Congress of Graduate Students and Office of Research.

Fair Division of Housework = Better Sex?

March 12, 2018

By Kara Irby, University Communications

Husbands, are you helping your spouse with chores around the house? If your wife doesn’t think so that may result in a less satisfying sex life, according to new research by Florida State University.

Student Creates Recycling Program for Off-Campus Housing

Undergraduate Victoria Kinley is the perfect example of a social science student who sees a problem or challenge in the world and sets out to find a solution.

When she moved off campus this year, Kinley noticed that her apartment complex had no recycling.

Geography Professor Leads Study of Aquaculture Sustainability

March 5, 2018

By Zachary Boehm, University Communications

Earth’s vast oceans brim with potential for commercial activities ranging from tourism to shipping to alternative energy, but planning for the sustainable coexistence of different and competing industries has proved a complicated task.

Now, researchers led by Florida State University Assistant Professor of Geography Sarah Lester have introduced an advanced, holistic analytical model that could herald a new paradigm of environmentally sustainable ocean industry management.

Senior Helps Launch Mental Health Awareness Program

February 23, 2018

Throughout his time at FSU, senior political science major Alex Ball has witnessed the effects of mental health issues among his family, friends, fraternity brothers, and even himself. He also has seen how the stigma that surrounds these issues dulls and prevents necessary conversations. And it has angered him.

Researchers Pursue Truth about Cats and Dogs…and Older Adults

February 22, 2018

By Bill Edmonds, Institute for Successful Longevity

Many believe that owning pets can be beneficial for older adults. But is it true that a dog or a cat can make life better for older family members, or is this simply a comfortable myth?

COSSPP Students Advance toward Fulbright Scholarships

Florida State University processed 69 Fulbright applications and sent them to be reviewed by the national committee. Of the 19 FSU students that have been chosen as semi-finalists, six are either current students or graduates of the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy. Their applications are now being sent to the countries where they hope to either conduct research or teach English next year: