Hobbies and Personal Interests

When I have free time, I enjoy playing recreational tennis. Florida, and Tallahassee in particular, is a great place for outdoor activities, and after 20+ years away from the game, I picked up tennis again a couple of years ago. Since the summer of 2015, I’ve spent time trying to ‘unlearn’ all the bad habits I taught myself as a kid, with the last one (and most challenging) being to learn a ‘real serve’ and letting go of the ‘frying-pan’ grip! I enjoy free hitting for exercise, so if you are in the NTRP 3.5-4.5 range, we can probably make it work out – contact me. I’ve even managed to fit in a quick hit at conferences. It is always nice to get out and hit the ball for a little bit and see a new part of the city you’re visiting.

I’m also a lifelong musician, and still enjoy performing, writing, and recording music. I play all of the band instruments (drums, guitar, saxophone, bass), and sing a bit, but the electric bass is my primary instrument. It has now been quite a few years since my last personal project, which was performing in a hip-hop/funk/rock collective. About a year before the pandemic, I had returned to music via a standing gig with ’36-Strong’, a local Tallahassee rock cover band. I’m also an accomplished Karaoke singer and look forward to the conclusion of the pandemic!