Access to Dental Services

Project Title:

Mapping Access to Dental Services And Workforce Needs Assessment

Funded by:

University of Kansas Medical Center and Kansas Department of Health

Project Overview:

The purpose of the project is to provide the Kansas Bureau of Oral Health [division of Kansas Department of Health & Environment] information relevant to the current workforce of dentists providing services across the state that will assist in developing programs, support and strategic planning to improve access to dental care for all Kansans into the future.  By better knowing where dentists currently practice and whom they serve, the Bureau of Oral Health can develop interventions, like loan repayment programs or placement services, to ensure that dentists practice where Kansans need them to be, and that they also can operate their businesses/practices profitably and effectively.  Simply, we want to establish a population-driven model of dental service areas.  We want to use maps to display and communicate where these service areas are, which ones are at risk given dentists’ intention to retire in the next 2-5 years, and where there may be excess capacity.

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Dr. Kim Kimminau, University of Kansas Medical Center