College of Social Sciences

Professional Development

The Leadership and Professional Development Course (ECO5922), is taken in the Fall and Spring semesters. The course teaches skills for a life as a professional economist, using experiential learning techniques.  

Topics covered include:

  • Interviewing and resume writing skills
  • Communication techniques
    • Presentation skills (including critique of videotaped presentations)
    • Tips on how to do an effective Power Point Presentation
    • Executive Summaries
  • Teamwork techniques
    • Why is a team useful?
    • Critique of a videotaped teamwork exercise
    • Individuals in a team
  • Ethical decisions of a professional economist

The course is designed to prepare students for their summer capstone course, the Applied Project.

Twice throughout the academic year, a career day is held where roughly six professionals in Economics present a typical day at their company. Leading up to the presentation, they also conduct mock interviews to help prepare students in obtaining jobs.

The Master in Applied Economics Program also maintains an Alumni Community for the purposes of posting jobs exclusively for our graduates and so Alumni can network with others from the program.