College of Social Sciences

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will I be disadvantaged in the program because I have never taken upper-level mathematics courses like Calculus, Calculus II, Linear Algebra...?

A: No, only a basic Calculus course (either Calculus I or Business Calculus) is sufficient for the Applied Masters program. Higher level mathematics courses are not necessary for the program.


Q: How many students normally participate in the Applied Program each semester?

A: About 25 students are admitted each academic year.


Q: What is the normal GRE/GPA for students in the program?

A: The most recent median score of the quantitative GRE was 157 and the verbal median score was 157. The most recent class had a median GPA of 3.7.


Q: If my GPA is less than 3.0 will I still be considered?

A: No, the minimum required GPA for admissions is 3.0, but that does not guarantee acceptance.


Q: What is the acceptance rate for the program?

A: Usually about 60-70% of applicants are accepted.


Q: Will I be able to retain a job and still participate in the Applied Program or will my workload prevent me from working?

A: There is no prohibition against working while participating in the program; however, we generally discourage students from working many hours off-campus so that they may have ample time to devote to the curriculum.


Q: How do I apply to the scholarships and/or financial assistantships that FSU has to offer?

A: You are automatically considered for department funding when you apply to the Applied Masters program. If you are interested in student loans then visit


Q: How do I qualify for the Graduate Assistantship?

A: Each applicant is automatically considered for potential graduate assistantship funding.


Q: If I am an international student is my application still automatically reviewed for financial assistance?

A: Yes, but you should consider that financial assistance is only available for in-state tuition waivers.