College of Social Sciences

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Joshua Eller
Class of 2013
Economic Analysis Manager
Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

The Applied Masters program at FSU has quite literally changed my life, functioning as a major turning point in my professional life.

I came to the Masters program as a middle and high school teacher, primarily of Latin and ancient and medieval history and literature. I entered the program planning to teach economics at the high school level, having no genuine idea of what I would encounter. What I found at FSU was a completely different setting in which I was immersed in statistical programming, applied data analysis, and a wide range of real and tangible problems that needed solving. This opened up new possibilities for work to which I had given no thought before entering the program. By the time I graduated, I had a job as an research analyst with a labor consulting firm, tackling real world problems.

There were two portions of the program that have been invaluable in my career so far. First, the emphasis on application. Every professional environment I have been in since graduation has placed a premium on applicable skills--real answers that can be conveyed to real people. The applied program gave me both the skills to do the analysis and the ability to speak about the analysis in easily understandable ways.

Second, the emphasis on team work and team building. Most of my professional work since graduation has been in a team environment. The program's preparation for the modern business environment, both as a participant and as a leader, were instrumental in setting me up for success.

I now lead the Economic Analysis unit in the Labor Market Statistics office in Florida's Department of Economic Opportunity. Every day brings new challenges and questions from our stakeholders and regional workforce boards. And every day I am able to bring the knowledge and skills that I acquired in the Masters program to bear on our research at DEO. FSU's applied program uses a wealth of knowledge from Dr. Norrbin and associated professors to create a top notch educational and preparatory environment for aspiring students and leaders.