College of Social Sciences

Applied Project


This course allows students to gain experience in performing practical economic research from start to finish, as commonly found in consulting projects or government agency reports. Additionally, students will gain practical experience attending and preparing for regular meetings with the senior partners, presenting formal presentations, and writing a final report.


The objective of the course is to make the student understand the practical side of an
economist’s work. Using the methods learned in the MS program, the student will be able
to design and execute an assignment of their own. This course will thus help the students
to better adapt to the life of an economist in private, state or federal organization.

Featured Presentation: Symposium on Applied Economics

Professionals are invited to attend the Symposium on Applied Economics to listen to the final summer project presentations. The visitors ask questions and vote to pick the winner of the Mikael Norrbin Award for the Best Applied Project.

A list of symposium presentation topics and video footage can be found here.


  • The Josh Mikels and Stan Shaffer Award for the Outstanding Student. An award of $1,000 is given to the student who achieves the best grades in the six core classes. This award is made possible by the generous contribution of FSU alumni. The 2016 recipient of this award was Nicholas Hyder.

  • The Mikael Norrbin Award for the Best Applied Project. The team that receives the highest score from the outside judges in the Applied Summer Project is awarded $1,200. The 2016 recipients were: Connor Holcombe, Julio Alvarez, and Igor Lukashevich. Their summer project was titled: Measuring the Effects of Increased Library Use on GPA Outcomes of FSU Undergraduates.

These awards were instituted in 2013. Each year the winners' names are engraved in the plaques in the Ralph Kaul Computer Laboratory and posted here at the end of the summer semester, when the program ends.