College of Social Sciences

Learn statistical tools and how to communicate economic concepts

  • Hands-on experience using SAS, STATA, REMI, Tableau, Python, and SQL.
  • Capstone Project analyzing "real world" policy issues

Intended for students seeking a terminal M.S. degree in Economics

  • Useful in both private and public sector
  • Core courses separate from Ph.D. courses

Low student to faculty ratio

  • Class size for the program of about 25 students


Featured Alumni

“Every professional environment I have been in since graduation has placed a premium on applicable skills--
  real answers that can be conveyed to real people.
  The applied program gave me both the skills to do the analysis
 and the ability to speak about the analysis in easily understandable ways.”

Joshua Eller

Class of 2013

Economic Analysis Manager
Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

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