Florida State University

Interdisciplinary Social Science Program

College of Social Sciences & Public Policy

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What Can I Do with an ISS Degree?

Unlike a field such as architecture or accounting, an undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Social Science is not training for a specific job. But that doesn’t mean what you get from it is not valuable in the job market. In fact, because of the broad range of study and a flexible program geared to your interests, you may actually have more options for applying your education to a rewarding career.

Here are a few of the major skills you can gain from your ISS study, all of which are highly desirable in today’s job market:

  • Research skills
  • Refined communication abilities
  • Team project experience
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Broad scope of knowledge and global perspectives
  • Creative approaches to complex problems

Career options for ISS graduates include (but are not limited to) social studies teacher, legislative aid/analyst, research analyst, assistant planner, federal and state agencies, public administration, and city and county planning departments.

ISS students have a significant advantage in career planning thanks to a university Career Center liaison embedded within the department. Visit the Career Services link at the left for more information.