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College of Social Sciences & Public Policy

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Public Service

The Public Service emphasis provides an opportunity for students to acquire a broad background for understanding public affairs and social problems with emphasis on public service. The program is not designed to give specific occupational training but rather to supply the generalist background attractive to many employers, particularly in state and local government agencies. The program provides an excellent background for students interested in graduate work in public administration, urban and regional planning, and sociology. Students planning to pursue graduate work are urged to take Statistics 4122. Other recommendations for the public service major follow:

Eighteen (18) hours selected from the following Political Science and Public Administration courses:
PAD 3003 Public Administration in American Society
PAD 4223 Budgets and Finances in Managing Public Affairs
PAD 4414 American Public Service
PAD 4603 Administrative Law
POS 2001 Introduction to Political Science or
POS 1041 American Government: National
POS 3122 State Politics
POS 3142 Urban Politics
POS 3182 Florida Government
POS 4413 The American Presidency
PUP 3002 Introduction to Public Policy
PAD 4301Disaster Management Planning for Urban Poor Communities
PAD 4372 Leadership and Communication in Emergency Management
PAD 4391 Foundations in Emergency Management
PAD 4393 Emergency Management Programs, Planning and Policy

Twelve (12) hours from the following Sociology courses:
SYA 4300 Methods of Social Research
SYG 2010 Social Problems
SYO 3100 Family Problems and Social Change
SYO 4300 Sociology of Politics
SYP 4570 Deviance and Social Control

Twelve (12) hours from at least two of the following areas:

ECO 4554 Economics of State and Local Government (Prerequisite: ECO 2023)

GEO 1400 Human Geography
GEA 2270 Florida Geography
GEO 4602 Urban Geography

Urban and Regional Planning
URP 3000 Introduction to Planning and Urban Development
URP 4022 Collective Decision Making (Prerequisites: URP 3000 or instructor permission)
URP 4423 Introduction to Environmental Planning and Resource Management
(Prerequisite: URP 3000 or instructor permission)
URP 4710 Introduction to Transportation Issues and Transportation Planning
(Prerequisite: URP 3000 or instructor permission)
URP 4741 Introduction to Issues in Housing and Community Development
(Prerequisite: URP 3000 or instructor permission)
URP 4811 Multicultural Urbanism