Florida State University

Interdisciplinary Social Science Program

College of Social Sciences & Public Policy

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Public Policy

An understanding of public policy issues and the process by which governments at all levels make policy decisions is a key element in occupations within the broad category of government affairs. The Interdisciplinary Social Science program offers students an opportunity to gain some expertise in a specific policy area that they choose.

This concentration requires 12 hours of coursework, 3 credits applied from internship participation and 3 hours applied to public policy seminar. This public policy seminar is limited to 20 students per semester. Seating is only available to students meeting a competitive standard of performance in coursework and internship performance.

Students must complete:

  • One quantitative methods course taken as part of the primary or secondary concentration
  • Four courses in one of the following policy areas: 1) health and aging; 2) poverty and inequality; 3) risk management (environmental and personal); and 4) government regulation
  • Three hours of internship credit
  • Participation in the Public Policy Seminar

Policy Areas

Health and Aging
PUP 4604 Health Services Organizations and Policy

ECP 4530 Economics of Health

GEO 4450 Medical Geography
GIS4421 GIS and Health

Political Science
PAD4844 Public Health and Emergency

SYP 3730 Aging and Life Course
SYO 4402 Medical Sociology
SYP 4550 Alcohol & Drug Problems
SYP 4764 Aging Policies & Services
SYA 4930 Neighborhoods, Stress & Health

Risk Management

ECO 3933 Economics of Risk and Uncertainty
ECP 3302 Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment
ECP 4312 Economics of Energy, the Environment, and Sustainability

GEO 4340 Living in a Hazardous Environment

Political Science
PUP 4203 Environmental Politics and Policy

SYP 3000 Social Psychology of Groups
SYP 4570 Deviance and Social Control

Public Administration
PAD 4372 Leadership and Communication in Emergency Management
PAD 4391 Foundations in Emergency Management
PAD4393 Emergency Management Programs, Planning and Policy

Government Regulation

ECO 3130 Free to Choose
ECO 4504 Public Sector Economics
ECO 3004 Debating Economic Issues
ECP 3451 Economics and the Law
ECP 4413 Government Regulation of Business
ECP3617 Land Use, Housing and Government Regulation

Political Science
CPO 3703 Comparative Democratic Institutions
CPO 3743 States and Markets
POS 3122 State Politics
POS 3182 Florida Government
PUP 4744 Public Policy and Business

Political Science
PAD3003 Public Administration in Society
PAD4120 Managing Florida’s Government and Its Key Policy Issues

Urban and Regional Planning
URP 5939/4936 Consequences of Planning

Poverty and Inequality

ECP 3143 African Americans in U.S Political Economics
ECS 3600 Economics of Native Americans
ECO 4132 Economics of Compassion
SYA 4930 Sociology of Education (Sociology of Death and Dying, Sexual and Reproductive Health, or Politics of Reproduction) (x2)

SYO 3530 Social Class and InequalitySYD 4700 Race & Minority Group Relations
SYD 3800 Sex and Gender

Political Science
POS4070 Race, Ethnicity and Politics
POS4624 Supreme Court, Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

Public Administration
PAD 4332 Strategic Leadership Communities
PAD4382 Disaster Recovery and Mitigation

Urban and Regional Planning
URP 5540/4936 State and Local Economic Development
URP4811 Multicultural Urbanism

Environmental Policy

ECP3302 Economics of Natural Resources, Energy and The Environment
ECP4312 Economies of Energy, Environment and Sustainability

GEO4340 Living in Hazardous Environments

Political Science
PUP2403 Environmental Politics and Policy

Urban and Regional Planning
URP4423 Intro to Environmental Planning and Resource Management
URP4402 Sustainable Development Planning in the Americas
URP4022 Collective Decision Making

Acceptable Quantitative Analysis Courses

Students must take ONE of the following courses.
ISS3330 Interdisciplinary Research Methods
POS3713 Understanding Political Science Research
SYA4300 Methods of Social Research
ECO3431 Analysis of Economic Data
ECP4618 Research Methods for Studying Housing, Land and Mortgage