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Law and Society

The Law and Society specialization examines the role of law in modern life. The program serves as a broad liberal education in the social sciences and examines the way law affects society and its impact on social, economic, and political behavior.

Students may minor in Law and Society or select a major concentration in Law and Society through the Interdisciplinary Social Science major. (See the entries under Law and Society in the University Bulletin. Law and Society is not a pre-law or professional program. Pre-law students may be interested in the program too, but a minor or major concentration in Law and Society is not offered as a preparation for law school.


A minor in Law and Society shall consist of at least five courses from the designated Law and Society curriculum. Students are required to include Introduction to Law and Society (POS 3691) and either Sociology of Law (SYP 3540) or Economics and the Law (ECP 3451) as two of the five courses. The remaining courses come from the list of approved courses.

The ISS Primary Specialization in Law and Society shall consist of six courses including Introduction to Law and Society, and either Economics and the Law or Sociology of Law, plus four others selected from the list of approved courses. To complete the ISS major with a primary concentration in Law and Society, students must select two twelve-hour secondary concentration areas from two social science departments. One of the secondary concentrations must be in Economics, Political Science, or Sociology. The twelve semester hours for this concentration must be from the department’s courses included in the Law and Society curriculum.

There is no required sequence of courses in the program. However, students are strongly encouraged to enroll first in Introduction to Law and Society (POS 3691) and to schedule Economics and the Law (ECP 3451) or Sociology of Law (SYP 3540) early in their program.

Approved Law and Society Curriculum

The following courses have been approved for the Law and Society Program. In addition to required courses, students may select courses for the Law and Society minor and the Law and Society concentration in the Social Science major only from this list.


ECO 4504 Public Sector Economics (Prerequisite: ECO 2023)
ECO 4554 Economics of State and Local Government (Prerequisite: ECO 2023)
ECP 3302 Economics of Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (Prerequisite: ECO 2000 level or equivalent)
ECP 3403 Business Organization and Market Structure (Prerequisite: ECO 2023)
ECP 3451 Economics and the Law (Prerequisite: ECO 2000 or 2023)
ECP 4413 Government Regulation of Business (Prerequisite: ECO 2023)


GEO 4340 Living in a Hazardous Environment
GEO 4357 Environmental Conflict and Economic Development

Political Science

CPO 3123 Comparative Government and Politics: Great Britain (Prerequisite: CPO 2002)
INR 4075 International Human Rights POS 3122 State Politics
POS 3691 Introduction to Law and Society
POS 4284 Courts, Law, and Politics
POS 4413 The American Presidency
POS 4424 Legislative Systems
POS 4606 The Supreme Court in American Politics
POS 4624 The Supreme Court, Civil Liberties, and Civil Rights
PHM 3331 Modern Political Thought
PHM 4340 Contemporary Political Thought
PUP 3002 Introduction to Public Policy


SYD 4700 Race and Minority Group Relations
SYG 2010 Social Problems
SYO 3100 Family Problems and Social Change
SYO 3530 Social Classes and Inequality
SYO 4300 Sociology of Politics
SYP 3540 Sociology of Law

Urban and Regional Planning

URP 4022 Collective Decision Making (Prerequisites: URP 3000 or instructor permission)

Other Courses

PHM 3400 Philosophy of Law
SOP 3751 Psychology and the Law (Prerequisite: PSY 2012)