Environmental Studies

An alternative to choosing a general option discipline, students can select the Environmental Studies Specialization as a primary.

This specialization is designed to provide an introductory view of human interaction with our environment and the outcomes arising therefrom. This specialized course of study highlights the social and political aspects of environmental issues and problems.  It is a useful background for agency employment, teaching in the social sciences and employment related to the social sciences generally.  This specialization may also serve to prepare students for entering a master’s program related to environmental management and planning. 

To fulfill the primary specialization in Environmental Studies, 6 listed courses, selected from a minimum of 4 of the following 7 categories, must be taken for a minimum of 18 hours. In some cases, by consent of the instructor, prerequisites for the following courses can be waived for students in this concentration (this does not apply for BSC 2011).

BSC 1005   General Biology for Non-Majors (required for specialization)
BSC 2011   Biological Science II (Prerequisites: BSC 2010, CHM 1045)
BSC 3052   Conservation Biology (Bio. 1 and 2 and Chem. 1 and 2 and their labs)

ANT 2410   Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANT 3212   Peoples of the World

ECP 3113    Economics of Population (Prerequisites: ECO 2013 and 2023)
ECP 3302    Economics of Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (Prerequisites: ECO 2000 or equivalent)
ECP 4312    Energy, Environment, and Sustainability (Prerequisites: ECO 2013 and 2023)

GEO 1330   Environmental Science
GEO 2200C Physical Geography
GEO 2210   United States and Canada
GEO 4251   Climate Change & Storms
GEO 4280   Geography of Water Resources
GEO 4300   Biogeography
GEO 4355   Geography of Food and Environment
GEO 4357   Environmental Conflict & Economic Development
GEO 4372   Natural Resource Assessment & Analysis
GEO 4376   Landscape Ecology
ENV 4314   Energy & Society

SYD 3020   Population and Society
SYD 4510   Environmental Sociology

PUP 4203    Environmental Politics and Policy

URP 3527  Green Global Health
URP 4402  Sustainability In The Americas
UPR 4423  Introduction to Environmental Planning and Resource Management
URP 4715 Bike and Pedestrian Planning
URP 4404  River Basin Manag. and Planning                                      
URP 4408  Food Systems Planning
URP 4423  Introduction to environmental planning and resource management

*The courses highlighted below are available in the Graduate sections and is available by the instructor’s approval.
              URP 5422   Coastal Planning
              URP 5445   Climate Change and Community Resilience

* Special Topics classes have a standardized course number in each department but different content. It is important to identify the following classes by the course title, not the course number.

  • CPO 3930
  • GEO 4930
  • INR  3933
  • PUP 4931
  • SYA  4930
  • URP 4936