Distance Learning

The Interdisciplinary Social Science degree can be completed entirely online. Students must complete the required hours of major course work from the following participating departments: Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, and Urban and Regional Planning. Work must be taken in at least 3 departments. Students will complete a primary concentration of 18 hours in Sociology or Public Administration, a secondary concentration of 12 hours in Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Public Administration or Geography, and the remaining 12 hours distributed among any of the remaining departments.

To gain admittance into the program, a Florida community college AA degree (or the equivalent) or higher is strongly recommended. All students must be in good academic standing to gain admission or readmission into the program. Oral competency and computer literacy courses are required for admittance. Microeconomics, macroeconomics, and business statistics are recommended pre-requisites for those interested in an economics concentration. These courses are not offered online.

Instruction is delivered via the web and textbooks. FSU provides an assigned mentor to serve as a learning guide. Students interact with each other, their mentors, and their instructors via e-mail and interactive web-based lessons. For more information, visit this link or contact The Office of Distance Learning, (850) 644-4635.