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Interdisciplinary Social Science Program

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

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Undergraduate Major in Social Sciences with an Emphasis on Urban Studies

The Social Science Interdisciplinary Program provides an opportunity for students to acquire a broad background for understanding public affairs with emphasis on urban studies. The program is designed to give an urban studies background that is attractive to many employers, particularly in local government. The program also provides an excellent background for students interested in graduate work in urban and regional planning, public administration, or sociology.
A specialization in Urban Studies is a good preparation for the Master of Science in Planning program through the Department of Urban and Regional Planning. Students interested in pursuing graduate work should visit more information about the Master’s of Science in Planning and the combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree.

Students must complete a primary concentration of 18 hours from the courses listed below.

  • Urban Studies Primary (18 credits)
    URS1006 World Cities
    URP3000 Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning
    GEO4602 Urban Geography
    POS3142 Urban Politics
    SYD3600 Cities in Society
    ECP3617 Land use, housing and government regulation
    URP4741 Introduction to issues in housing and community development
  • Students must complete at least 1 secondary concentration of 12 credits plus 12 credits or remaining coursework. Students may also choose to complete 2 secondary concentrations. The required course, ISS4304 can be applied to any secondary concentration or the Remainder.

  • Secondary concentrations in the following areas:

    Urban Planning
    ECP 4613 Urban Economics (Prerequisite ECO2023)
    GEO 4700 Transport geography
    IDS 2180 Dead Cities
    URP 4710 Introduction to Transportation Issues and Transportation Planning (Prerequisite: URP 3000 or instructor permission)
    URP 4936 Pedestrian Communities
    URP 4423 Introduction to environmental planning and resource management

    Urban Studies related to Environmental Issues
    URP 4404 River Basin Manag. and Planning
    URP 4408 Food Systems Planning
    URP 4936 (Spec. Topics)Coastal Planning
    URP 4936 (Spec. Topics)Planning for Climate Change
    GEO 4355 Geography of food and environment
    IDS 2227 Sustainable society
    GEO 4412 Environment and Gender
    SYD 4510 Environmental Sociology
    PUP4203 Environmental politics and policy

    Urban Studies related to International or Development Planning
    GEO 4603 Globalization
    SYP 3454 The global justice movement
    ECP 3113 Economics of population
    ECS 4013 Economics of Development
    ECO 4132 Economics of compassion
    IDS 3336 “Great” Britain? Geography, imperialism industry and culture
    INR 4075 International human rights
    URP 4618 Introduction to Developing Areas
    URP 4936* (Spec. Topics) International Transportation Planning
    URP 4936* (Spec. Topics) Strategies for planning in Less Developed Countries

    Urban Studies related to Urban Politics and Governance
    PAD 4332 Strategic leadership for communities
    ECO 4554 Economics of State and Local Government (Prerquisite: ECO2023)
    ECP 3917 Land use, Housing and Government Regulation
    PAD 4803 Local government administration
    PAD 4223 Budgets and Finance in Managing Public Affairs
    PAD 4414 American Public Service
    POS 3142 Urban politics
    GEO 4471 Political Geography
    PUP 4203 Environmental politics and policy
    URP 4022 Collective Decision-making (Prereq. URP3000)
    URP4811MC Urbanism

    Urban studies related to Urban Sociology
    GEO 4404 Black Geographies
    GEO 4421 Cultural Geography
    SYG 1000 Introduction to Sociology
    SYD 3020 Population and Society
    SYD 4700 Race and Minority Group Relations
    SYG 2010 Social Problems
    SYD 3020 Population and Society
    URP 4618 Multicultural Urbanism