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Interdisciplinary Social Science Program

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

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Interdisciplinary Internship Credit

ISS offers academic credit for internship experience. ISS4944 is offered as credit toward the Liberal Studies Formative Experiences designation. Students who have secured internships related to the social sciences are encouraged to participate. Eligibility for academic credit is determined on a case by case basis.

ISS4944 will lead students through an interdisciplinary application of an interdisciplinary academic history. Students enrolled in this class will be required to identify an interdisciplinary academic history and knowledge base. Successful application and completion will rely on your ability to articulate the connections between your course history and academic interests with the internship environment and duties.

This internship credit is writing intensive. There are no required meetings, except for an initial meeting at the beginning of the semester. Otherwise, you would be responsible for in-depth reflections on an interdisciplinary knowledge base and its application to the internship. If the connection between your interdisciplinary academic preparation and the internship are very clearly indicated in your description then the internship is a very good fit for the ISS internship credit. But if the relationship is not very clear, the writing requirements will be difficult to perform successfully and the application is likely to be denied.

Those seeking credit under the Interdisciplinary Social Science course (ISS4944) must have a gpa of 2.5 or better (3.0 if the internship is outside Tallahassee) Students enrolled in the Public Policy Specialization must have a gpa of 3.0 or higher. It is strongly advised that applicants have at least 60 hours completed toward the Bachelor’s degree. No student will be permitted internship credit in their first semester, or when they are on probation.

If you would like to pursue this internship please submit the description of the relationship between your interdisciplinary academic history and the environment and duties of the internship to Dr. Lisa Turner de Vera. Be specific in your recounting of the following:

  • Your academic experiences and history ,
  • How your academic experiences have been interdisciplinary,
  • How do you see a connection between what you have studied and the nature of the internship work,
  • How has your academic experience prepared you for the internship, and
  • How do you expect the internship to enhance your knowledge base.

Another option for internship certification would be to contact the FSU Career Center Experiential Learning Recognition Program. The Experiential Recognition Program and the Experiential Certificate Program allow students to receive recognition through either transcript notation(not for credit) or a certificate. More information can be found at the following links:

For further information contact:
Dr. Lisa Turner de Vera