Graduate Program Overview

The International Affairs Graduate Program is designed to develop a graduate student’s competence in language, history, culture, and cotemporary political and economic settings in the international community. Students are encouraged to intern and/or study abroad, complimenting their graduate academic experience with firsthand, real-world scenarios.

The program prepares students for international careers in the public and private sectors, such as positions in government, business, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, journalism, research, and teaching. This program may serve as a vehicle into a more specialized doctoral program, usually within one of the disciplines represented by the participating departments.

2024-2025 Master’s of International Affairs Student Handbook

Master of Science (MS) or Master of Arts (MA)

Master of Science: default degree type, as there are no additional requirements

Master of Arts: within the 31 required credits, six (6) of those credits must be coursework in history, modern language, philosophy, or religion.

Comprehensive Exam or Thesis

Comprehensive exam: normally taken during the last semester of the program, based on courses taken throughout the degree. For more details, please review the following document:

Thesis: students must have prior approval from the director before selecting the thesis option.

Degree Requirements:

There is a total of 31 credit hours of 5/6000 coursework required.

Within the 31 credit hours, you must complete:

  • CORE coursework (7 credits):
    • INR 5938 – Seminar in International Affairs (3) – fall only
    • INR 5935 – Colloquium (1) – fall only
    • INR 5012 – Problems of Globalism (3) – spring only
  • DEVELOPING WORLD coursework (6 credits):
    • These are courses focusing on the developing or post-communist world
      • (i.e. outside of the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.)
  • DEPARTMENTAL coursework (9 credits):
    • You must choose a departmental concentration from one of the participation departments
      • At least nine (9) – but no more than eighteen (18) – hours in one of the participating departments.
  • ELECTIVE coursework (8 – 10 credits):
    • The remaining credits left for the degree will be taken from the approved course list.
    • Students may also study abroad, or complete internships for credit – to complete their remaining elective hours. For info on this, click here 

Outside of the 31 credit hours, all students must satisfy the foreign language requirement for the MA degree, even if they choose to graduate with an MS degree.


_____ Coursework through the 2000 level, including CLEP. (i.e. SPN 2220, FRE 2220, GRE 2220)

_____ Above intermediate level on the FSU Placement exam (Min scores: Spanish (46), French (48) German (44))

_____ 12 semester hours in a foreign language, with an average grade of at least 3.0

_____ 4 years of a single language in high school

_____ Passing the Graduate Reading Knowledge Exam (GER 5069, ITA 5069, POR 5069, RUS 5069, SPN 5069)

_____ If the first language is not English: minimum scores on TOEFL (80) or IELTS (6.5)

_____ Other

Is funding available for students?

Yes, but it is limited. Please visit here for more information on funding opportunities.