Graduate Program FAQs

What are the minimum requirements for admission into the International Affairs Master’s program?

Please visit our Admissions Requirement page.

Which entrance scores are required for the IA Master’s program?

GRE scores with a percentile ranking of 50 or higher on the verbal, quantitative, and writing sections. This equates to about 150 in both the verbal and quantitative portions, and a 4 in the writing section.
*We will accept LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, or MAT in place of GRE*
International applicants whose native language is not English will need to submit an English proficiency exam such as the TOEFL or IELTS directly to Admissions.
Minimum Scores
IELTS: 6.5

What pre-requisites or type of undergraduate degree do I need in order to apply?

There are no pre-requisites for entrance into the IA degree. We also do not require a certain “type” of undergraduate degree. We accept students from very different fields.

Can I work part-time or full-time and still attend classes? How successful are people who work and attend class at the same time?

Yes, students can work part-time or full-time while attending classes. Most classes are once a week for 2 – 3 hours. Many courses are offered in the afternoon or evening at FSU’s main campus to accommodate working professionals. Many full-time professionals complete this program successfully.

Can I complete the program online?

Some courses are also offered online, but the program does require on campus attendance for some required courses in the Fall and Spring.

Is it possible to graduate in one year?

It is possible. With appropriate planning the program can be completed in one fall, spring and summer semester (11, 12, 9). Although, you have up to 7 years to complete your degree (as per university requirements).

How many credit hours are needed to graduate with an IA degree?

Dependent on which track you choose:

  • Comprehensive exam track = 31 credits.
  • Thesis track = 31 credits.

For more information see our Program Requirements and Curriculum page.

Are students able to concentrate in specific areas?

Yes. Students can concentrate in any of the following departments:

  • Anthropology
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Pollical Science
  • Religion
  • Sociology
  • Urban and Regional Planning

We also allow students to complete Graduate Certificates while completing their degree. Some examples of past students are Emergency Management, Homeland Security and Global Pathways.

Are there social/personal/recreational/professional opportunities and actives available to graduate students?

Yes. There are numerous opportunities for students to get involved in graduate life, on and off campus. To include: community service, recreation, research, leadership, health and wellness services, and the Tallahassee Community.
Our Graduate Organization organizes on and off camps events, career workshops, and guest lecturers. You can build an excellent network through these many opportunities.

What are the costs for attendance?

Please visit the Student Financial Services website for information on the tuition rates for in-state and out-of-state students ( ) and additional personal expenses, including room & board, transportation, books, supplies, other ( ).

Is funding available for students?

Yes, but it is limited. Please see the Funding Opportunities page.

I am an international student; do you have resources that can assist me with housing, financials, visa concerns, etc.?

The Center for Global Engagement (CGE), located in the Global and Multicultural Engagement Building (The Globe) has a resource page for on- and off-housing options:

Prior to matriculation all international students are expected to submit a Certification of Financial Responsibility form to CGE.

For additional questions on cost of attendance, visa status changes, or additional forms, please visit: .

Upon admittance, all international students are required to attend CGE’s orientation and to check in upon arrival to Tallahassee (at least one day prior to orientation).

What do I do after my application is complete?

Nothing is needed from applicants once FSU’s admission department and the IA program receive a complete application. The program has a rolling admissions process.
A candidate who has submitted an application will be referred by graduate admissions to the program upon payment of application fee and review of any judicial holds (students should contact Financial Services with questions regarding fee payment).
You should receive status updates via e-mail on what items are needed until your application is complete. An applicant can expect to receive a decision 2-3 weeks after a completed application submission, though review time can vary. Please note that GRE scores and transcripts can take 6-8 weeks to be processed and added to an application.
Students can check the status of their application using the online status check:
International Students will also be contacted by the CGE staff regarding Visa and financial documents after the admissions process is complete. Information on these procedures and contact information can be found at: