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International Studies

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Internship Opportunities


The International Affairs Program encourages internships that provide experience involving international themes and events. Some internship placements are with agencies and businesses in Florida's capital that work in the international arena. Others are available in Washington D.C. through our partnership with the Washington Center Program. Application for this program is a separate process (see information below). The International Affairs Program also works closely with the FSU’s Study Centers abroad to support internships for International Affairs students who wish to combine internships with the study abroad experience. The International Affairs Program also supports independent domestic and foreign internships that have an international focus in governmental agencies, private businesses and service organizations. The International Studies Organization Blackboard site has information available on a variety of such placements. Students may also take initiative in locating other placement opportunities; however, all placements must be approved a semester in advance and must specifically relate to international affairs. For more information about the internship opportunities available to students in International Affairs, please contact the program office, 211 Bellamy.

The International Affairs internship is designed to provide practical experience that complements work related to traditional courses. Interns can expect to gain valuable work experience, develop professional skills, cultivate valuable contacts and investigate career options. The internship allows students to receive academic credit for internship placement in approved agencies and organizations. 

Placement and Enrollment Procedures 

Independent Internships:

Students contact agencies to set up interviews or submit agency applications. Once an internship has been arranged, students should complete the International Affairs internship form in consultation with the agency supervisor. Submit the signed agreement form with the attached application and placement information including the work and objectives description to Dr. Joanna Hunt in room 211 Bellamy for faculty approval and the registration code. Materials must be submitted and all internships must be approved the semester prior to placement and course enrollment. (attach PDF of form)

Internships through International Programs:

Students placed in internships through the International Programs Office at FSU should complete two sets of paperwork: the International Programs internship application and the International Affairs departmental internship form. The latter form is the same as that used for independent internships. For further information and the International Programs application form, please contact their internship coordinator. 

Internship Requirements (INR 4941, 3 or 6 credits, S/U grade):

Academic credit for these internships is awarded as follows: three (3) credit hours correspond to a minimum of ten (10) hours per week and six (6) credit hours correspond to a minimum of twenty (20) hours per week of work at the approved agency. The placement is for a full academic term (15 weeks in fall or spring and 13 weeks in summer) unless by special exception, for example, at the Department of State. Work experience must relate to International Affairs and to the objectives stated on the application form. The student intern will be supervised and evaluated by an approved agency supervisor. The faculty sponsor at FSU will be available for consultation, review the evaluations and comprehensive written report, and issue the grade. Students wishing to receive academic credit for their approved internship must also have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

For further information concerning these internships, please contact Dr. Joanna Hunt in 211 Bellamy.

Washington Internship

The Washington Center (TWC) provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to intern in a public or private agency in Washington, DC. Robert Crew, Associate Dean, College of Social Sciences is the faculty liaison. Academic credit earned may count toward elective hours in the International Affairs major. Applicability of credit can be determined at the time of advising. 


The student pays the Washington Center a program fee to cover the cost of work placement, an academic course, two guest speaker series and group discussions. The student may also pay a housing fee to share a furnished apartment in a building leased for the purpose. In addition, students pay university tuition rates for their registration at FSU. FSU students are eligible for scholarship funds to defray the cost of participating in the program. These funds are administered by TWC for students from state of Florida schools. This scholarship money applies to the TWC program and housing fees, but it does not apply to FSU tuition fees.

Registration at Florida State University:

Concurrent enrollment through the department at FSU is required. The student may register for 3 to 12 hours of credit at FSU.   The International Affairs Program office, 211 Bellamy, manages registration for students in this program. A copy of the TWC application form must be submitted to the International Affairs Program office prior to enrollment at FSU. For more information visit the Washington Center website.

For further information concerning internships, please contact Dr. Robert Crew in 211 Bellamy.