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Russian & East European Studies

Russian and East European Studies

Basic requirements for the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree

The interdisciplinary program in Russian and East European Studies (REES) is an international area studies program that is designed to develop a student's competence in the language, history, culture, and contemporary political and economic setting of a particular country or cultural region. This area studies program is focused on Russia and Eastern Europe. A major or minor in this program serves the needs of: (1) general liberal arts students who wish to learn more about this important area of the world; (2) students who wish to pursue graduate work in this or related fields; and (3) students who seek employment in or related to Russia or Eastern Europe. The program combines area or country-specific courses that give students the needed cultural immersion with more general comparative coursework. This is intended to provide students with the requisite intellectual tools, concepts and theories to understand their particular disciplinary concentrations, as well as be able to utilize skills from various disciplines to evaluate not only the region’s past, present, and future but its role within the context of the world. Students are to select language and thematic specializations in line with their intellectual interests and career goals and design their program of studies accordingly.

Majors must complete 36 hours of coursework beyond general education and liberal studies requirements (with a grade of "C-" or better in each course.) Since the program is interdisciplinary, no minor is required. Students pursuing REES must satisfy the following major related components to earn a bachelor’s degree:

Area specific course requirement: A minimum of 24 semester hours in REES area specific courses.

Concepts and theories requirement: Six semester hours of more broadly applicable coursework from among the classes in this category.

Additional REES courses: Six additional hours from either category of the approved REES course list or an approved internship.

Language requirement: Majors must demonstrate proficiency to the intermediate college level in a relevant area language (Russian, German, Czech, Serbo-Croatian, or some other East European language). This may be accomplished by completing the intermediate level (2220 or equivalent course) and any necessary prerequisite classes in the relevant area language, or by passing a proficiency exam. Although the proficiency requirement pertains to all REES majors, the hours earned to satisfy it will not be applied towards the 36 credits for the major itself. 

Approved Course List: All 36 hours must be selected from the approved list of courses in the participating departments, or be approved as an appropriate substitution to the list. The list of approved courses may be found in the General Bulletin under the guidelines for the Program in REES. Course descriptions may be found under each relevant departmental heading in the General Bulletin.

Upper-Level Hours: At least 18 of the total hours for the major must be completed at FSU and must be numbered 3000 and above. 

Minor in Russian and East European Studies 

Students minoring in the program must complete 18 semester hours of REES coursework beyond the liberal studies requirements. In this case, none of the broader comparative concepts and theories will count toward the required hours. Students may select freely from all area specific courses. Modern languages courses numbered above 2999 may count toward the minor. Nine of the eighteen semester hours must be numbered above 2999. A maximum combined total of six semester hours in internship or directed individual study may apply to the minor.