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International Studies

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International Affairs

International Affairs

Basic requirements for the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree

The requirements for the major in international affairs major are flexible and designed to allow students to pursue a variety of subjects. In addition to one core course, which is required of all international affairs majors, students select classes from a broad list of courses covering international issues. Courses may be combined in a variety of ways to provide the focus appropriate to a student’s interests and career goals. The following requirements must be satisfied to complete a major in international affairs.

Total Hours: Majors must complete thirty-nine (39) credits from the approved course list; however, classes used to fulfill general education or liberal studies requirements may not also be applied towards the major. 

Required Core Course: INS 3003 Introduction to International Affairs (3) — Applicable for students entering after Summer 2010.

Approved List: Thirty-six hours must be selected from the approved list of courses for the international affairs major. The master list of approved courses may be found in the General Bulletin under the guidelines for the Program in International Affairs, or students may refer to the lists compiled each semester, which reflect actual course offerings in a given term and include special topics and interdisciplinary courses not found on the master list. Course descriptions may be found under each respective departmental heading in the General Bulletin.

Departmental Concentration: The development of a specialization in one of the participating departments is required. A departmental concentration consists of 12 to 18 hours from one of these departments. In general, no more than 18 hours from any one department can be counted toward the international affairs major. It is possible for students to have more than one departmental concentration. 

Breadth: Courses must be selected from at least three of the participating departments.

Foreign Language: Majors must demonstrate proficiency to the intermediate college level in a modern foreign language. This may be accomplished by completing the intermediate level (2220 or equivalent course) and any necessary prerequisite classes in a modern foreign language, or by passing foreign language placement or CLEP exams at the intermediate level. Although the proficiency requirement pertains to all international affairs majors, the hours earned to satisfy it will not be applied towards the 39 credits for the major itself

Upper-Level Hours: At least 18 of the total hours for the major must be completed at FSU and must be numbered 3000 and above. 

Minor in International Affairs

A minor consists of eighteen semester hours beyond the liberal studies requirements with grades of "C–" or better. Work must be taken in at least three participating departments, and all those courses must be from the approved list of courses below. Modern language courses numbered above 2999 may count toward the minor. Nine of the eighteen semester hours must be numbered above 2999. A maximum combined total of six semester hour in internship or directed individual study may apply to the minor.