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International Studies

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

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Student Organizations

International Studies works closely with three student organizations and encourages students to become involved in their campus initiatives: Global Peace Exchange, International Programs Graduate Organization, and the World Affairs Program.

World Affairs Program

The World Affairs Program is a student-run academic program within the College of Social Sciences, which gives the students of FSU a social, academic, and competitive outlet in an educational setting. The primary mission of the World Affairs Program (WAP) is to promote an increased awareness of the global community, while at the same time encouraging personal, social, and political growth among those who participate in the program. 

International Programs Graduate Organization (IPGO)

The purpose of this organization is to facilitate inter-program student communication, provide an environment of support for incoming and returning program students, and establish a medium for students in which to demonstrate their scholastic abilities and achievements. 

The following student-run organizations may be of interest to International Studies students:

Amnesty International 

Amnesty International's Mission is to undertake research and action focused on preventing grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, freedom of conscience and expression, and freedom from discrimination, within the context of its work.

Advocates for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

AIRR is dedicated to bringing awareness, action and events regarding the rights of immigrants and refugees, both documented and undocumented, in the United States.

Advocates for World Health

Advocates for World Health is a non-profit organization that recovers and redistributes medical product, to reduce waste and improve healthcare in the United States and abroad.

Chinese Students and Scholars Association

The purpose of this organization is to promote friendship and cultural interaction for all people and to provide services for its registered members. It will also strive to provide opportunities and benefits for its members by facilitating the exchange

Congress of Graduate Students

The Congress of Graduate Students (COGS) is the official representative body of graduate students at Florida State University. This includes all post-baccalaureate, special, masters, specialist, professional, and doctoral students.

Empowering Women Globally

Empowering Women Globally aims to promote women's agency, self-determination, and empowerment through a non-ethnocentric, non-imperialistic philosophy that will ultimately result in gender equality, poverty reduction, and conflict resolution globally.

International Justice Mission 

IJM at FSU works to support the International Justice Mission, a faith based human rights organization that brings rescue to victims of international oppression. IJM at FSU promotes IJM's efforts through education, awareness, and service.


We are an organization founded to bring together International and U.S. students to learn from, interact with, and have fun with one another through cultural, social, and educational activities. Any student of any major or degree level is welcome!

J Street U

J Street U FSU is a chapter of the larger pro-Israel, pro-Palestine student movement dedicated to advancing a peaceful future for Israelis and Palestinians alike through the framework of a two-state solution.

Peace Corps Club

The Peace Corps Club at Florida State University is designed to inform students about the Peace Corps mission, while promoting the Peace Corps and encouraging a diverse understanding of the world, through meetings and community service.

Project Nur

Project Nur is a student-led initiative advocating for social justice by empowering responsible leaders to cultivate an environment of acceptance and mutual respect between Muslims and all communities.

The Bhakti Yoga Club

We serve vegan and vegetarian food to all students, faculty, and staff. We serve lunch at the International Student Center (The Globe) from 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM Monday-Friday. Our message is that eating healthy is delicious so try it!

Unhoused Humanity

We are on a mission to provide a fresh start to the homeless community while chipping away at the barrier that separates them from society.

World Literature Club

The World Literature Club is an organization for avid readers interested in broadening their worldview through reading global anglophone literature.