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International Studies

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

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International Studies offers multiple interdisciplinary programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Our programs feature fields of study which may be individually tailored to fit each student’s unique career aspirations. Selecting courses from the participating departments of Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Administration, Religion, Sociology, and Urban & Regional Planning, students have the opportunity to pursue their individual interests and develop a well-rounded competency in multiple disciplines. Our programs are designed to prepare students for successful international careers in the public and private sectors, such as positions in government, business, non-governmental and non-profit organizations, journalism, research, and teaching. Additionally, each program may serve as a vehicle into a more specialized doctoral program, usually within one of the disciplines represented by the participating departments. International Studies combines the advantages of a broad background in the related disciplines with a strong vocational emphasis. Students graduate with a fundamental understanding of their chosen field of study and a background suited to the intelligent observation of global or regional affairs. Learn more about the various degree programs we have to offer:

Graduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Study Abroad 

One of Florida State University’s greatest strengths is its commitment to study abroad programs for its students. FSU’s International Programs (IP) has been consistently ranked in the Top 25 of US study abroad programs by the Institute of International Education. Every year IP sends over 1,600 students to multiple locations across the world. We encourage our students to study and/or intern abroad through these international programs, as studying abroad provides students with the opportunity to take classes which meet their major and/or minor requirements, study with experts in their field, and earn FSU credit. Popular IP programs tailored for our graduate students are available in London, Prague, Dubrovnik, Panama City, and Moscow. 

Beyond Borders is a unique exchange program which offers an alternative to traditional academic study abroad programs and provides students with short-term, rich cultural learning experiences through immersion in the target cultures. Small groups of 10-12 students spend one week at the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica during FSU Spring Break; or 3 weeks in early May in Dresden, Germany at the Technical University - Dresden.

Exchange programs offer students a unique opportunity for cultural immersion and in-depth academic learning. Students participating in an exchange program benefit from the opportunity to become fully immersed in the host university as an international student and attend classes with local students. Courses are taught in English, with the exception of language learning courses. International Studies is responsible for leading the exchange program with Hiroshima University. Participating students will conduct on-site research and/or enroll in classes on Japanese culture, history, society and language. Please visit the Global FSU website for more information about possible opportunities abroad.


Students have the opportunity to pursue internships which accommodate graduate and undergraduate students looking for firsthand experience within the realm of International Studies. The Washington Center provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to intern in a public or private agency in Washington, DC. Robert Crew, Associate Dean, College of Social Sciences is the faculty liaison. Graduate students are encouraged to pursue independent internships via the student’s own initiative, catering to the student’s own professional interests. In the past, graduate students have interned with organizations in Washington, D.C. as well as abroad. In consultation with their advisor, students may arrange for these internships to count as course credit. Graduate and undergraduate students alike also have the opportunity to intern for credit with FSU’s own International Programs. Locations specifically tailored to meet the needs of International Studies students include London, Panama City, Beijing, Shanghai, and Valencia.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are designed to allow students to take courses in an area of specialization, enhancing their academic and professional experience. Students may work towards a certificate in addition to pursuing a bachelor's or master’s degree or students may enroll in stand-alone certificate programs for the purpose of personal and professional development. In some programs, certificate program course credit can be applied toward a degree. College credit certificates are not intended as a degree, but as a supplement to a student's specific educational goals or professional career preparation and shall be noted on a student's transcript as an official credential of the university. 

Please visit the following websites for a list of all certificate programs at FSU: