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International Studies

College of Social Sciences and Public Policy

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Dear Students,

We are living in a truly global world. Businesses and organizations, both private and public, look to recruit graduates who are globally aware.

The International Studies Programs at Florida State University offer curricula which allow their graduates to compete effectively for jobs on a national and international scale. The curricula are interdisciplinary, allowing students to build a degree program from courses offered through eleven cooperating programs on campus or to focus on a particular region of the world such as Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, or Russia and Eastern Europe. Faculty members who teach these courses are among the very best in the University.

The International Studies programs truly build an internationalized curriculum by encouraging their students to study abroad through our nationally ranked International Programs. Program faculty participate in programs in Dubrovnik, Croatia; Prague, Czech Republic, and London. To support students who participate in these and other programs, we offer sixteen $1,000 travel scholarships each year. 

These programs also offer students the opportunity to participate in internships which fulfill graduation credit. Aside from interning with agencies and businesses in Florida's capital that work in the international arena, International Studies students can also take advantage of internships in Washington D.C. through the Washington Center. Most significantly, students can apply for one of several prestigious internships in London where we place our students in Parliament, the American Embassy, Amnesty International, NBC, the Associated Press, the British-American Chamber of Commerce, and other significant organizations or in Panama where the United Nations has many regional offices.

International Studies at Florida State offers exciting and flexible programs that provide students the basis for competing effectively in the globalized world of the 21st Century. Please write or call us for more information.


Dr. Lee Metcalf,
Director of International Studies