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Welcome to the College of Social Science’s GIS Laboratory at FSU

The mission of the COSS GIS Lab is to provide state of the art facilities and training for tomorrow’s professional planners and geographers who will be using GIS technologies. In addition, the lab endeavors to offer state of the art equipment, software and facilities for research agendas throughout the college that have GIS components. Departments such as, Political Science, Sociology, Economics and Interdisciplinary Studies all have been supported by the facilities in the GIS Lab. Relationships with other departments such as Biology, Meteorology, Geology, Classics, Anthropology, Archaeology and others have been established and all these departments have taken advantage of lab resources and software. The College of Social Sciences in partnership with the Institute of Science and Public Affairs has made considerable investment in the areas of software, hardware and human capital to accomplish this mission. There are multiple GIS Lab facilities located in the Bellamy Building in rooms 320 and 035. Other facilities exist within the Bellamy building that are used by graduate students in Urban Planning, Geography and other departments.

Student Copy of ArcGIS

Download the ArcGIS PRO application (Not Desktop)

Please follow these instructions to ensure proper installation of ArcGIS.

GIS Lab Instructors

You will find that there are new AV systems in the labs. If you are having trouble operating these devices, please submit a ticket to the COSSPP IT support group at coss.fsu.edu/support and someone will contact you about one on one instruction.

Click here for COSSGIS’ instructional video page

Click here for Erdas Imagine Student Installation Instructions.

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