We highly encourage and support students to pursue internships during their Undergraduate Studies. If you have secured an internship and would like course credit, please read over the qualifications and instructions below.
Any student in their undergrad career can apply to have an internship count for course credit. There are no GPA or hour requirement restrictions. The internship should be Environmental or Geographical in nature or you should be able to provide an explanation of how the internship contributes to your major and career goals. Internships are NOT a requirement for the Geography or Environment and Society Majors.

If you are looking for an internship you can start your search at the FSU Career Center’s Internship Portal.

Sample Syllabus for GEO4941 Internship in Geography

Important Policies & Deadlines

  • Internship credit must be requested at least 2 weeks prior to registration closing for any given term. *Exceptions can be made in extenuating circumstances.
    • Summer A & C Deadline: May 1st
    • Summer B Deadline: June 12th
    • Fall Deadline: July 28th
    • Spring Deadline: December 1st
  • Internship credit must be requested prior to the Semester you plan to do the Internship. We cannot provide retroactive credit for Internships done in past semesters.
  • GEO4941 can be taken for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 6 hours.
  • GEO4941 will count as one Scholarship in Practice toward University Requirements.
  • GEO4941 is a 3/4000 level course.
  • GEO4941 will count as a General Elective in the Geography major.
  • GEO4941 may count as an elective in the Environment and Society Major, area will be determined by the Internship.

Steps for Setting up Internship Credit

  1. Make sure you meet qualifying deadlines. If not, you can email the Undergraduate Director, Rachael Cofield, and Academic Program Specialist, Camden Reynolds (, to request approval for an exception to apply late.
  2. Obtain a statement of duties from your internship supervisor and write a statement that specifies the nature of your work, your start and ending dates, and the approximate hours you are expected to work on a weekly basis. If appropriate, you can prepare this letter yourself and ask your supervisor to sign it.
  3. Email the following information to the Undergraduate Coordinator, Rachael Cofield
    • Statement of duties and written statement from point 1.
    • Contact information of your internship supervisor: work email (required), phone number, and address.
  4. After everything is reviewed and verified, the Undergraduate Director will email you that you have been approved to register for x hours of GEO4941 and the Academic Program Specialist will manually add you to the course.