Master’s in Geographic Information Science (MS GIS)

The Master’s in GIScience is a one-year fast-track program that equips students with skills for tracking people and vehicles, siting facilities, and identifying environmental changes using market-leading geospatial software. Employers of graduates include many private software companies, as well as state and federal institutions (Environmental Protection, Transportation, Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Water Management Districts, National Geospatial Agency, Census Bureau, and US Geological Survey).

Key components of our program include courses in geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing & digital image processing, spatial analysis & modeling, and geographic visualization with environmental and urban applications, along with a capstone internship to gain valuable real-world experience with organizations using geographic information technologies.

Degree Requirements

Digital Degree Checklist
The MSGIS degree requires a total of 30 graduate credit hours (5000 level or higher) which can be completed within 12 months (three semesters) for full-time students or a longer period for part-time students.

REQUIRED COURSES – Must be completed with a B or higher.
GIS5101/GIS5101L – Introductory GIS & Lab (3/1) (Fall/Spring)
GIS5034/GIS5034L – Introductory Remote Sensing & Lab (3/1) (Fall)
GIS5106 – Advanced GIScience (3) (Spring)
GIS5950 – GIScience Capstone (6) (Summer)

ELECTIVE COURSES – Letter-graded courses must be completed with a B- or higher.
Elective courses are offered on a rotating basis, not all electives will be offered within a 1-year cycle.

Policy on taking courses outside of the department: Students are expected to take elective courses offered by the department (see approved list below).  If there is an elective course offered by another department that you are interested in taking that contributes to your MS GIS degree and your academic goals OR if there is an extenuating circumstance that requires you take an outside elective please email the MS GIS coordinator (Dr. Yang and the Academic Program Specialist ( for approval.  Signature approval is required for a course offered outside of the department to be counted in your degree, without approval your graduation may be delayed.

GEO5165C – Quantitative Geography (3)
GIS5038C – Advanced Remote Sensing (3)
GIS5103 – GIS Programming (3)
GIS5111 – Spatial Modeling in GIScience (3)
GIS5112 – GIS Databases (3)
GIS5122 – Applied Spatial Statistics (3)
GIS5131 – Geographic Visualization (3)
GIS5305 – GIS for Environmental Analysis & Modeling (3)
GIS5306 – Environmental Change Modeling (3)

GEO5378 – Landscape Ecology (3)
GEO5934 – Special Topics: GIS Water Resources (3)
GEO5934 – Special Topics: Urban Climate & GIS (3)
GIS5318 – Climate Change & Ecosystems (3)
GIS5331 – Florida GIS Applications (3)
GIS5400 – GIS Applications in Social Sciences (3)
GIS5605 – GIS Local Government (3)

*Other technical electives offered by other departments (e.g., machine learning, programming, statistics) must be approved by MSGIS Program Coordinator

Electives Approved Pathways Program

Electives Approved to Double-Count for Students in the Undergraduate Pathways Program.

Approved Elective Courses – Must be completed with a B- or higher
(3) GEO5165C – Quantitative Geography
(3) GIS5013 – GIS Programming
(3) GIS5131 – Geographic Visualization
(3) GIS5331 – Florida GIS Applications
(3) GIS5305 – GIS for Environmental Analysis and Modeling
(3) GIS5605 – GIS Local Government