Faculty and students working in the Geography department investigate critical issues dealing with society, geospatial inquiry, and the physical environment. Particular focus is given to methodological and theoretical studies relating to cities, mobilities, urban politics, storm activity/mitigation, climate change indicators, urban remote sensing, and space-time visualization.

Ph.D. Geography and M.S./M.A. Geography are internationally-respected programs that allow students the opportunity to develop their knowledge of geography at a deeper intellectual level, and to collaborate with faculty on many issues including, critical human geography, environmental justice, transportation optimization, land use/land cover change, urban growth, population mapping, regionalization and localization theory, political ecology, environmental conflict and policy, local economic development, urban sustainability, environmental health, hurricane/tornado forecasting, tropical forests and grasslands, coastal and estuarine ecosystems, marine conservation, energy consumption and conservation, and resource management.

For more information contact the Graduate Program Director: Tingting Zhao,

Applied M.S. GIScience is a one-year fast-track program that equips students with skills for tracking people and vehicles, siting facilities, and identifying environmental changes using market-leading geospatial software. Employers of graduates include many private software companies, as well as state and federal institutions (Environmental Protection, Transportation, Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission, Water Management Districts, National Geospatial Agency, Census Bureau, and US Geological Survey). Check out current jobs at GIS Jobs Clearinghouse, GIS Jobs , My GIS Jobs and Geography Jobs.

For more information contact the MS GIS Program Director: Xiaojun Yang,

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