Bess Ruff


M.S. Environmental Science & Management, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2016
B.A. Economics, Lexington, VA, 2013

Selected Publications

Lester, Sarah E., Ruff, E.O., Mayall, K., McHenry, J. “Exploring stakeholder perceptions of marine management in Bermuda.” Marine Policy 84 (2017): 235-243.
Hartline, Niko L., Bruce, N.J., Karba, S.N., Ruff, E.O., Sonar, S.U., Holden, P.A. “Microfiber masses recovered from conventional machine washing of new or aged garments.” Environmental Science & Technology 50.21 (2016): 11532-11538.
Shugart-Schmidt, K. L. P., Ruff, E.O., Gravitz, M.Z. “Gulf Gems: Treasured Places in Troubled Waters.” Marine Conservation Institute. Seattle, WA. 2014. 32 pp.

Bess Ruff

Post-Doctoral Scholar