Yuemeng Gao


M.S. Environmental Science. American University. DC, USA. 2021

Thesis: “Assessing the relationship between urban structure and the urban heat island in Washington, DC: Improving local climate zone mapping and estimating zonal and sub-zonal scale effects on air temperature”

B.S. Environmental Science. Wuhan University. Wuhan, China. 2018

Selected Publications

2023  Gao, Y. and Yang, X. An Assessment of COVID-19 Lockdown Impacts upon Urban Heat Fluxes and Tree Growth in New York City, USA (Revised and under internal review)

2021  Alonzo, M., Baker, M. E., Gao, Y., & Shandas, V. (2021). Spatial configuration and time of day impact the magnitude of urban tree canopy cooling. Environmental Research Letters, 16(8), 084028. https://doi.org/10.1088/1748-9326/ac12f2

Faculty Supervisors

Dr. Xiaojun Yang

Research Activities

Remote sensing: Cloud-based image processing, multi-temporal image analysis, urban remote sensing

Urban ecology: Urban heat island, Urban green space

Human-environmental interactions

Yuemeng Gao

Ph.D. Student