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Garnet & Gold Scholar Society Inducts 28 COSSPP Students

Published: May 10, 2022


Florida State University welcomes 129 new inductees into its prestigious Garnet & Gold Scholar Society this spring. Of those inducted, 28 students had at least one major in the College of Social Sciences and Public Policy.

Established in 2010, the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society facilitates student involvement and recognizes undergraduate students who excel within and beyond the classroom in at least three of five areas: international experience, internship, leadership, research and service.

To become an inductee of the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society, students must meet the engagement-area criteria and submit a synthesis reflection project in their final semester before graduation. Participants are recognized during graduation and receive a designation on their official university transcript, both of which make the students more marketable to potential employers or graduate programs.

The students were inducted into the Garnet & Gold Scholar Society during a special ceremony Wednesday, April 27.

The COSSPP inductees, along with their academic majors, are:

Ana Siqueira, Political Science and Economics

Payton Parkin, Middle Eastern Studies

Kinsey Kuhlman, International Affairs and Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Alexandra Henry, Economics and Finance

Imani Lewis, Psychology and International Affairs

Xena Menezes, Public Health

Michael Morales, International Affairs and Criminology

Pamela Sirota, Political Science and International Affairs

Ronny Legare, Economics

Trisha Patel, Public Health

Taylor Gluckman, Neuroscience and International Affairs

Hallie Mize, Chemistry and Public Health

Angelina Grosso, International Affairs and Political Science

Alexa De Paz, Political Science and International Affairs

Johanna Carpio, Criminology and International Affairs

Kristine Castillo, English and Public Health

Heather Peebles, Media and Communication Studies and International Affairs

Laura Medina Balmaseda, International Affairs

Hannah Fulk, Public Relations and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Abigail Kirshy, International Affairs and Criminology

Rebekah Carico, Psychology and Political Science

Sneha Kapil, Biochemistry and Sociology

Breeana LaQuea, Media and Communication Studies and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

Emily Bosco, International Affairs and Political Science

Will Dibbs, History and International Affairs

Kalesha James, Public Health

Emily Seguin, Sociology and Political Science

Madelyn Johnson, International Affairs and Middle Eastern Studies