Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) is open to first- and second-year undergraduates and transfer students in all majors. Over the summer, students can apply to the available research opportunities and, if selected, will spend two semesters (Fall and Spring) working with their mentor on a research project. You can find more information about the program here.

Introduction to Research in Economics (ECO4450)

The Introduction to Research in Economics course introduces students to scholarly research in economics. As part of the course, students identify an area they are interested in, formulate a research question, and use scientific methods to answer their research question. By the end of the course students should write a proposal based on their research idea.

Honors Thesis

Detailed information on the Honors in the Major in Economics program is available here.

Directed Individual Study (DIS)

The DIS is individual work done by a student under faculty supervision. It can involve assisting with data collection, data coding, surveying literature, assisting in a lab, and other types of research-related work. Students interested in the DIS should directly contact a faculty member with whom they would like to work. If the faculty agrees to work on the DIS, they will specify the details of the DIS. The DIS may also involve working on your own research paper under faculty supervision. In such a case, it helps if you know the topic of your research before contacting faculty.

The XS/FS Experimental Lab

Assistance may be needed at the XS/FS experimental social science lab. If interested, please contact Dr. Ryvkin at dryvkin@fsu.edu.