Recommended Courses For Non-Majors

Except as noted, ECO 2013, Principles of Macroeconomics, and ECO 2023, Principles of Microeconomics, are prerequisite for upper division economics courses. Students in disciplines other than economics who have completed the appropriate principles course and wish to take additional economics coursework might consider one or more of the following courses:

For Students Interested InRecommended Economics Courses
FinanceFinancial Markets, the Banking
System and Monetary Policy (ECO 3223) International Finance (ECO 4713)
MarketingApplied Microeconomics (ECO 3104)
Human Resources ManagementLabor Economics (ECP 3203)
Environmental StudiesEconomics of Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (ECP 3302) Economics of Population (ECP 3113) Economics of Energy, Environment, and Sustainability (ECP 4312)
International Affairs Multinational BusinessInternational Trade (ECO 4704) International Finance (ECO 4713) Economics of Development (ECS 4013) Economies in Transition(ECS 4333) Economics of Growth (ECO 4270) Economics of Asia (ECS 3200) Economics of the Caribbean (ECS 4431) Economics of the Middle East (ECS 4505)
Political Science Public Administration Urban and Regional PlanningPublic Sector Economics (ECO 4504) Economics of State and Local Government (ECO 4554) Economic Analysis of Politics (ECO 4532) Economics and the Law (ECP 3451) Urban Economics (ECP 4613) Free to Choose (ECO 3130) Economics of Compassion (ECO 4132) Land Use, Housing, and Government Regulation (ECP 3617) Research Methods for Studying Housing, Land, and Mortgage (ECP 4618)
SociologyEconomics of Population (ECP 3113) Afro-Americans in the American Political Economy (ECP 3143)
Mathematics Statistics Computer and Information Sciences Management Information SystemsGames and Decisions (ECO 4400) Advanced Microeconomics (ECO 4401) Introduction to Econometrics (ECO 4421) Analysis of Economic Data (ECO 3431)
LawEconomics and the Law (ECP 3451) Government Regulation of Business (ECP 4413) Economics of Crime (ECP 4505) Economics of Native Americans (ECS 3600) Land Use, Housing, and Government Regulation (ECP 3617)
HistoryGrowth of the American Economy (ECO 3622)
PhilosophyHistory of Economic Ideas (ECO 3303) Market Ethics (ECO 3131)
English and CommunicationAny set of courses. Economics is an excellent complement for the student in English or Communication who aspires to a career in print or broadcast journalism or business communication.
EducationEspecially Financial Markets, the Banking System and Monetary Policy (ECO 3223), but any set of courses in economics complements coursework or a major in social studies education. Well-trained elementary and secondary teachers of economics are in high demand.
Criminology and Criminal JusticeEconomics and the Law (ECP 3451) Economics of Crime (ECP 4505)
Visual and Performing ArtsEconomics of Art and Culture (ECP 3010)