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Program Overview MAEP

The one year terminal Masters in Applied Economics program at FSU prepares students for a variety of careers in government and the private sector. Graduates often begin their careers as analysists, junior data scientists, or research associates. Our students work closely with faculty, alumni, and civic leaders to learn how economic theory is applied to data and consulting projects in the labor force. Students gain exposure to in-demand software and learn data analysis skills.

Twice a year, the program hosts a career day when professionals, often program graduates, visit campus and engage with the current cohort. They meet the current cohort, discuss a typical day in their company, and conduct mock interviews with students.

The culmination of the program is an Applied Project, conducted in the summer. The Applied Project allows students to gain experience in performing practical economic research from start to finish as is commonly found in consulting projects or government agency reports. Additionally, students gain practical experience attending and preparing for structured meetings, giving formal presentations, and technical writing. At the end of the summer, professionals from Tallahassee and outside the community are invited to attend a Symposium to listen to the project presentations.

The program prides itself on providing networking opportunities to students by maintaining close connections with alumni and engaging with leaders in state and local government.

To apply, please go to the Office of Admissions.